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The Best Mandalorian Merch You Can Get in 2022

We all know that Star Wars has the biggest fanbase in the world. Since its release for its first live-action series, fans and pop culture have been talking about the Star Wars new series: The Mandalorian. The Star Wars fans were also thrilled when The Book of Boba Fett’s teaser scene flashed before the ending of The Mandalorian season 2 final episode.

With that, Star Wars fans and gurus have been supporting their favorite series by buying and purchasing merch and other collectibles. Are you one of them too? Maybe you are thinking of what is the best Mandalorian merch that you can get?

Here are some ideas of what best Mandalorian merch you can get this year.

Best Mandalorian Merch and Collectibles

Star Wars Funko Pop: The Mandalorian Death Watch

Looking for cute Star Wars figurines that you can collect? Here’s the Funko Pop Mandalorian collection series of Star Wars. The Funko Pop brand is known for its bobblehead and small body design, making it their trademark for all of their figurines. Avid Collectibles offers a wide array of funko pops including Mandalorian ones.

The Mandalorian Death Watch Funko Pop includes realistic armor that can be seen in the series. This action figure is suitable for kids, teens, and adults too.

The Mandalorian Collectors Edition: 3 Dimensional Mythosaur Skull Pin

Be loud and proud that you are a Star Wars fanatic by owning this 3D Mythosaur Skull Pin. This pin is a collectors edition, and it symbolizes the culture of Mandalorian made by Boba Fett.

Wear it anywhere and wherever you want, in your shirt, bag, or hat.

Monopoly: Star Wars Child Game Board

Monopoly is a brand known for its economic-themed game mechanics, it is exciting to play, but you will be more thrilled if you played it with Baby Yoda. Monopoly releases a Star Wars: The Mandalorian theme for all the fans. The game consists of the same rules and mechanics, but the twist is that you will be in the Star Wars world. Cool, right?

Star Wars LEGO: The Mandalorian Razor Crest

LEGOs are one iconic toy for the kids, but Star Wars fans have been building and collecting it with the cool and collectible editions being made by the LEGO brand. This LEGO version of the Razor Crest spaceship is one of the Mandalorian merchandise’s finest collectible items. The set consists of 1,023 LEGO pieces.

Darksaber LED Desk Lamp

Spice up your room or house with the Star Wars Darksaber 24 inches desk light. This LED lamp is considered one of the Mandalorian collectibles for the fans.

The Darksaber desk light is easy to structure. It has a USB that can adjust the light’s brightness to your liking. It is also an ideal merch and collectible for fans of all generations.

Baby Yoda Mug

Invite your fellow Star Wars fans for a coffee and use your Mandalorian Child: Baby Yoda Mug. You can use it for any drinks you like or just display it with your other Star Wars collectible pieces.

The Baby Yoda mug can accommodate any drink with its 16 oz size and ceramic finish, ideal for any drink temperature.

The Mandalorian Dinnerware Set

Dine-in Mandalorian culture by having this eight (8) piece limited edition dinnerware set. The dinnerware consists of peculiar designs and can be the best dinnerware set that you can give to yourself or a fellow fan.

The set includes dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs (two in each category) perfect for everyday use.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Child Calendar

We’re just starting the year, and it’s never too late for a 2022 calendar. Bring the most out of your collectibles by having this Mandalorian child calendar and putting it on your bedroom wall. An enchanting The Child character would be featured every month of the year; Baby Yoda is present!

Wrapping it up!

There is no doubt that Star Wars has changed the pop culture in today’s generation. With their latest release of the Mandalorian series, fans have become so overwhelmed by how the Star Wars production gives quality and finest show as time goes by. The fans are really proud and want to show it by owning Star Wars limited editions and collectibles.

We hope that we have given you an idea of what merch you should add to your collection. May the force of collecting this merch be with you!

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