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The Best Mobile Video Editing Apps Right Now

we’re sharing the top mobile video editing apps ​​to create professional-looking content, just like the pros.

Sometimes it can feel like the best mobile Video Editing Apps are under lock and key. But no more secrets! From nailing seamless TikTok transitions to making those viral memes, we’re sharing the top mobile video editing apps ​​to create professional-looking content, just like the pros.

10 of the Best Mobile Video Editing Apps

1. LumaFusion to Easily Sync Reels

How do the world’s best filmmakers do it? Forget memorizing or guessing, it’s all down to LumaFusion and other mobile video editing applications.

As a “multi-track video editor for mobile devices,” you’ll have access to trimming, speed, dimension, reverse videos, and audio editing options.

A live audio track mixer, as well as the ability to mix audio and video in real-time, set LumaFusion apart from the competitors.

With LumaFushion, we’re able to quickly and easily match the audio of our Instagram Reels while still maintaining the best possible level of video quality.

Price: $29.99/year. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

2. VSCO for Creating Montages

VSCO has long been a favorite for Instagram picture editing, but did you know they now have a cool new function that lets you make collage-style videos?

You can overlay numerous photos and videos directly from your camera roll to create unique “scenes” using this lesser-known function.

VSCO’s multimedia production tool can undoubtedly give life to your video narrative, whether you’re paying a birthday tribute or showcasing your week’s fashion spree.

Price: Free for seven days, then $19.99 per year. iOS and Android are both supported.

3: Resize Videos using InShot

When it comes to mobile video editing applications, InShot is the true MVP.

InShot is ideal for scaling your film to meet social media dimensions, as well as trimming, speeding up, compressing videos, and adding filters to your clip.

If you want to change the aspect ratio of your video, Inshot is a great tool to use. It saves us a lot of time if we need to execute a few different cuts for various sizes.

Instagram Stories, for example, are 9:16, but if you’re making a video only for your feed, you may want to make it square instead.

Shooting in different dimensions can take a long time, and editing video to match certain frame sizes can be difficult – but not with InShot .

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

4.  Splice for Epic Clip Transitions

Splice is an excellent choice for both long and short-form video editing. It is one of our favorite video-editing apps, with features like easy audio extraction and text addition.

But what’s our personal favorite Splice feature? Ability to make a smooth transition.

Splice can help you make your TikTok transition almost undetectable, whether you’re recording a fashionable spin or panning over multiple landscapes.

To hide your cut to the next clip, Splice offers a variety of transition options, including crossfade, swipe across, fade to black, and blue.

And what’s even better? Splice’s most recent update added a graph feature to make keyframe transitions even smoother and more precise — can you say wow-factor?!

Splice should be in your video editing app rotation if you want to nail your next multi-clip transition.

Price: Free seven-day trial, then $2.99/week. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

5. VideoLeap for Video Memes

Let’s face it, when it comes to viral video content, video memes are the name of the game.

For good reason, they’re the hottest ticket in town.

Video memes give your joke additional background and enable you to go a bit deeper. They also keep your viewers engaged for longer as they anticipate the next bit of relatability.

Using the mobile video editing tool, VideoLeap, you may simply add an extra layer (say, png text) to your current film. From there you may drag the new layer to where you want, cut, and start or stop with VideoLeap’s smart tracking tool.

“It’s a huge game-changer!” Shares Mel.

With a simple interface, the app enables you to crop, mix and overlay video clips to convert your ideas into unique memes.

Equipped with a wealth of movie-making features, from unique filters, to sound editing, cinematic transitions, and so much more, VideoLeap delivers professional-level special effects that’ll have you adding “video editor” to your résumé.

Price: Free, then from $5.99/month. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

6. Kinemaster for Easy Green Screen

A green screen’s power is unmatched. And although there are a host of applications (including TikTok) that make this edit feasible, one of our faves has had to be Kinemaster.

Whether you want to bring further context to storytime or transport your audience to a far-flung place, Kinemaster helps you upload, film, and produce fascinating footage, no big-wig movie budget is necessary.

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

7: CutCap for a Smooth Bounce Effect

CutCap is yet another all-in-one mobile video editing app with a plethora of features.

CutCap allows users to express themselves creatively using flawless filters, an endless music library, and trending stickers and fonts, all from their mobile device.

We come to CutCap to create a seamless bounce effect if we’re being honest.

See, bounce is one of those features that only appear to be difficult, but it’s actually quite simple thanks to CutCap’s streamlined capabilities.

Simply upload your video, select a sound, cut your project to include the animation element, and you’re done.

Consider adding some bounce to your next TikTok or Reels video to make it more dynamic — it’s a simple change that can make a big difference!

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

8. Prequel for Aesthetic Overlays

Do you have a seat? We’ve got some significant news to share. An overlay is a key to making visually appealing video footage.

You’ll also have access to all of your overlay requirements with the Prequel app.

With video content becoming as popular as — if not more useful than — picture postings, it’s critical that the films you upload are consistent with your entire appearance and style.

You may convey an aesthetically beautiful tale while adding a layer of razzle, dazzle by improving your material with a dazzling overlay.

The prequel is your best chance for creating amazing, pre-set video overlays with just a few clicks, with over 800 effects and filters and very simple templates.

In the video editor, you can also make modifications like contrast, exposure, sharpness, and more – it’s a win-win!

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

9. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is identical to iMovie but more powerful. This Application also offers rudimentary video editing features, providing you better direct control over recording your video.

The most interesting feature of Filmmaker Pro is the ability to rapidly modify any green screen backdrop with simply a few taps. You may also modify the color gradient, white balance, and saturation using this video editing tool. With 30 filters and transitions to pick from, this application offers enough options to keep you occupied for a long time.

Intermediate movie creators who have overcome iMovie could explore Filmmaker Pro. This app is accessible for free on the Apple Store, but more capabilities require in-app payments.

10. Quik

GoPro launched Quik, a video editing app. Because it works with iPhone, Android, and GoPro cameras, this application is a flexible choice for videographers.

This software was built with action photography in mind. Quik has advanced editing features such as slo-mo and computerized audio recognition. Your speed, altitude, and distance traveled are shown via the GPS Sticker feature. This, along with a few other minor elements, makes it excellent for action-packed video editing.

Quik allows you to trim, rearrange, zoom, rotate, and reverse your films on your iPhone. You can also use their Smart Cut tool, which trims your films for you automatically. The program has 26 different themes, each with its own set of transitions and images. With over 100 free tunes, it’s also easy to choose the perfect background music.

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