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The Best Unofficial And Official JUUL Flavours You Need To Know

The rise of JUUL vape in Australia can be attributed to the flavours.

The rise of JUUL vape in Australia can be attributed to the flavours. JUUL has made it easy to customize your vape experience to your unique tastes. You don’t have to mess with e-liquid bottles anymore. JUUL makes only eight flavours – mint, Virginia tobacco, mango, classic tobacco, fruit, crème, cucumber and menthol. However, the market has third party alternatives that you can also enjoy. We all have different tastes but there is a little something for everyone.

Virginia tobacco

You can get both Virginia and classic tobacco flavours from JUUL in Australiabut if you are a former smoker looking for an alternative then Virginia is the closest to smoking. The Virginia tobacco flavour is strong and it won’t replicate the traditional cigarette smoking sensation. It is also slightly harsher than the classic tobacco flavour. This makes it nice if you miss the sensation of smoking.


Cucumber can only be found in an Aussie vape store online since JUUL took it off the physical stores. Cucumber is the most refreshing original flavour from JUUL. Cucumber is the hidden gem of the vaping population.


Mango is one of the JUUL’sflavours that were pulled from the physical shop shelves due to their increased popularity with young people. However, mango is still one of the most preferred flavours by users. It is sweet and you won’t have a fruity feeling that is chemically odd. This is a top-notch pod that you should try out.

Unofficial JUUL flavours

People in Australiawho use JUUL vape Australia are always looking for ways to improve their experience. Once you break free from the JUUL world, you will experience other flavours and enjoy them as well. Some of these flavours include zip strawberry lemonade, zip cappuccino, VQ pods mango bliss Eon pods citrus burst and many other flavours.

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