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The Best Ways To Grow Independently As A Musician

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Did you know that independent musicians earned more than $1 billion dollars in 2020? It goes to show that the music industry has evolved. To grow as a musician in this digital age requires a different path than in the past.

For instance, independent artists can take advantage of numerous free music streaming options to get their music an audience. These options have allowed many unsigned artists to make it on their own.

However, many artists are still clueless about where to begin and how to grow as independent musicians. Read on to discover the best ways for independent musicians to grow in the industry.

What is Independent And Free Music?

The term “independent music” or indie music refers to recordings made by solo bands, artists, or record labels that are not affiliated with a major label. Indie music is typically produced with a budget ranging from very low to moderate.

Artists who create indie music usually use a music promotion platform to get their music recognition. Moreover, a few even list their tracks as royalty-free music on various sites and apps for promotion.

When an artist or band is considered really independent, there is no connection between them and the big three labels. This is an infrequent occurrence, given that the primary three are present virtually everywhere. However, today,  it’s easier than ever for indie musicians who don’t sign with a major label. Learn new task with the  Brunswick guitar lessons.

Ways to Grow As An Indie Artist

1. Market Your Music

Accept the fact that no one is looking forward to hearing your music. If you want people to fall in love with your music, you must work on promoting your live events and album launches with the same level of forethought and expertise as the musicians you adore.

Social media and the internet have fundamentally altered the landscape of music promotion. For instance, when you launch your album, upload a tutorial on how to download music for free.

Your music could be heard around the world with the help of this new method of distribution. However, as a responsible, independent musician, it is crucial to recognize that it is up to you to get the word out about your music.

2. Give Away Free Music

Get your music listed on streaming sites that allow free music download. Because of streaming, the music business had a prosperous year in 2021. Streaming sites generate enormous revenue for major record companies. Therefore, you must take part in this profitable industry.

Plus, people would rarely ever be convinced to spend money to listen to new artists. So, to begin your career as an independent music artist and gain recognition, start with free music. Youtubers are always in search of free music for videos. If they use your music, it will give you an effortless promotion. So, while you may think of this as a loss, you can gain in other ways.

According to Chance the Rapper in an interview with Vanity Fair, two things let him make money despite giving away his music for free: selling merchandise and touring.

So, do not hesitate to upload your music on free music apps at the start of your career. It will only take you a step closer to the success and growth you dream of achieving. You can also utilize TikTok in marketing your music.

3. Step Out And Gig!

Perform at venues other than those that specialize in your genre of music. Many musicians believe that clubs are the only appropriate places to perform their music. Think outside the box a little and look into performing at schools,  festivals, fairs, and parks during the summertime.  

Check out where musicians are performing and question yourself if it’s the right place for you. Allow your fans to see you play in more than one location while gaining new ones. Also, mention the link to your free music online so that the fans you make can hear more from you.

4. Get Playlisted

Fans of specific artists and genres may now find new music through playlists on free music platforms like SoundCloud, HUDLMusic, and Spotify. It’s as if these streaming services are the new record stores for listeners to discover new music.

The best way to promote your music is to find as many playlists that reflect your aesthetic or genre as possible. Similar genres and musicians attract the kind of fans for which the artist is best known. As a result, musicians have a better chance of attracting listeners who want more.

To be included in these playlists, musicians must first establish a presence on the site. By uploading their whole discography, they can increase their chances of being featured on a playlist. After hearing a song they like, a listener can look up the artist’s name to see more of their work.

5. Work On Your Branding

Get some striking images for all of your promotional items from your website and social media accounts to brochures, posters, business cards, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and even mouse mats! To create stunning graphics, you need to know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, but it’s best to hire an expert graphic designer than to try doing it yourself.

It is possible to build significant brand recognition with a strong brand identity. People will be more likely to buy your band’s t-shirts if your branding and logos are easily distinguishable, and if they look good, they’ll be more likely to do so.


Independently competing in the music industry can, at the outset, present several hurdles. But, if you can get traction on your own terms, it will be well worth the effort. Take your time with the procedure.

There has never been a time in history when it has been more challenging to succeed as an artist than today because there is so much new music being released every day. Concentrate on the qualities that set you apart from others, and search for ways to promote your music naturally, even if doing so requires an initial financial investment to get things rolling.

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