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The Brief and Only Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Brief and Only Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide You’ll Ever Need

Are you aware that the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America is breast augmentation?

With so many types of breast implants to choose from, it’s incredible that every woman has the ability to get her dream breasts. Even though many people are thrilled with their results, the recovery process can be quite tough.

Have you been thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery? Read on so you can understand the breast augmentation recovery process and keep yourself healthy.

Wear Your Compression Garment

Even if you get the best breast implants, your surgeon will likely want you to wear a compression garment to ensure that everything stays in place while your tissues heal.

You can expect to wear this compression bra for around two weeks after your surgery day and night. After this period, you can make the switch to a sports bra while still avoiding wired bras.

Take Medication as Prescribed

The best plastic surgeon will prescribe the perfect medications to help you heal as fast as possible and keep you comfortable during your recovery. It’s crucial to take this medication exactly as your doctor prescribes.

In addition to having pain medication, your surgeon may also prescribe a muscle relaxer to avoid tightness in your chest.

Prepare Nutritious Meals Before Your Surgery

One of the most effective ways you can maintain optimal health throughout your entire life is to adopt a nutrient-dense diet. What you eat is especially important after your surgery so your body has everything it needs to heal.

It’s wise to make some freezer-friendly meals before your surgery or have a loved one help take care of you. You should read about breast augmentation here to understand the process.

Ease Into Exer.cise and Other Activities

You’ll need to get plenty of rest after your surgery, but you shouldn’t be sedentary all the time. Going on short, gentle walks can boost the recovery time.

While you should be able to ease into your normal activities around a week after surgery, you should wait up to six weeks before resuming vigorous exercise.

Keep Yourself Clean

Since breast augmentation is invasive, you’ll have incision sites that you need to keep clean. Some doctors prefer to keep a bandage over the wound while others instruct their patients to apply a cream to the site.

Ask your surgeon what you should do to keep the wounds clean. You can start showering the day after your surgery as well.

This Is How to Get Through Breast Augmentation Recovery

The beauty industry may have tons of trends that come and go, but breast augmentation surgery is here to stay. Now that you’ve learned more about the breast augmentation recovery process, you can decide if this procedure is right for you.

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