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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best First Aid Kit Simple

When emergency strikes and your family member needs medical attention, do you have the proper supplies?

First aid is as important in the healthcare industry as any other type of treatment. It can be the barrier between life and death. After all, proper administration can prevent around 75% of traffic deaths.

Preparing supplies should be on top of your priority list right now. How do you choose the best first aid kit around? Keep reading for a quick guide.

Check the Essentials

First, make sure the first aid kit has all the essentials. Some of the products it should include, no matter the size, are the following:

  • Gauze pad packs
  • Medical tape
  • Different types of bandages
  • Antibiotics or antiseptic wipes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Thermometer
  • Aspirin
  • Scissors

A kit containing these basics should be ready to go. It only applies if you don’t have any other special needs. If you’re building a pack of your own, you can find what you need at First Aid Supplies Online.

Consider the Group Size

How many persons should the first aid kit serve? If it’s for a single adult in optimal health, you don’t have to worry too much about the size. Buy anything you’re comfortable carrying or storing.

Kits usually have an estimated number of people they serve. The larger it is, the more they’ll have of the products you use up, such as bandages and medicine. Thermometers and splints are constant in every kit, though.

Determine Your Purpose 

A simple first aid kit can be multi-purpose, but it doesn’t serve all your needs. How do you make sure it covers all your risks? Determine your purpose first.

The different types of first aid kits serve various functions. If you want to buy one for a medical emergency in your house, a basic kit should do. Add other products your family members need, and you’re good.

If you’re going on a trip, you must consider several factors. What’s the group size? How long are you going to be away?

A one-day hike, for example, requires a small kit that’s light enough to carry. Still, it should cover the risks present in the trip, such as insect bites, cuts, and open wounds.

Cover Your Special Medical Needs

Feel free to customize your kit as the CDC suggests. The best first aid kit caters to your unique requirements. Even if you buy a pre-made one, you can always add more products to cater to your needs.

If you or a family member has a severe allergy, for example, make sure to include antihistamine medicine or an EpiPen. For those with diabetes, the first aid kit should have an emergency glucagon injection and glucose tablets.

Find the Best First Aid Kit for You

Having a kit ready for use prepares you for a health and wellbeing emergency. You may not find the best first aid kit around, but you can always build one. You can also customize a pre-made pack to fit your needs.

Did you find this guide helpful about health and safety courses? To learn more, feel free to check out our other posts.

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