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The Brief Guide That Makes Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss Simple

The Brief Guide That Makes Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss Simple

Do you want to stay prepared when your hard drives or servers fail? Data breaches rose by almost 70% in 2021! Data disasters happen in many forms.

Viruses have wiped out an entire network of systems for days. That can cost tons of money and downtime. Keep on reading for our brief guide that makes preventing data loss a simple process.

Preventing Data Loss With Tools

One way to prevent data loss is to use IT industry firewalls. An IT department can use a firewall to prevent cyber attacks on their networks. Firewalls can be software or hardware, and businesses can use both to halt data loss.

With hackers trying to get inside networks, it helps to have a strong firewall that can provide a shield. Most managed IT services will include firewall protection with their service package. These tools will alarm the network administrator of an incoming threat.

Antivirus software can work in combination with a firewall. It is an added layer of protection against data loss from a virus that can destroy the network.

Data Backups

A critical component to preventing data loss is to use proper backup methods. Some companies fail to back data up often enough. Others rely on one location to store data.

If you use a managed IT company, you will most likely get cloud-based protection. You can also use physical devices to prevent data loss. In times of fire or theft, your company will have cloud-based coverage as secondary protection.

Data loss should stay at the forefront of all company processes. That means you need frequent backups. The recommendation is to backup data at least once per day.

One way to make data backups a priority is to have them automated. That can get done at the same time every day. Automation removes the possibility of someone forgetting to do it.

Device Protection

When it comes to data loss, many people forget about mobile devices. You may have employees who travel for work. They have laptops and storage devices that go with them.

Consider all the places they may take these devices. A local coffee shop or a large airport could be a primary target for hackers. Data loss can happen in an instant.

If you have IT equipment that has moving parts, you must maintain data loss prevention. Your business continuity depends on a secure infrastructure.

A company can use managed IT services that will use remote device locks. If IT equipment gets lost or stolen, the devices can get locked down for security. Unauthorized users cannot access them, and no data loss will occur.

Data loss includes IT equipment tracking. If devices get misplaced, they can get locked until tracked. Once found, the IT department can unlock them.

Keeping Data Safe

Preventing data loss means keeping data safe at all times. Natural disasters happen and so do unnatural ones. Many events can make data loss a threat to any business.

With our brief guide, you have strategies that will help prevent losing data now and in the future. Planning today will keep a disaster from happening later. Follow our site for more technology guides and tips like these!

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