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The Common Air Conditioner Problems: A Guide for Homeowners

The Common Air Conditioner Problems: A Guide for Homeowners

An AC is a must in most locations, especially with rising global temperatures. As it continues to get hotter everywhere, not having AC is a deal-breaker if you don’t want to live inside a home that’s too hot. That’s why you need to regularly check your air conditioner to see if it’s working as it should.

It pays to know the common air conditioner problems to ensure you have the knowledge to know when to look for help. Below are the most common air conditioner issues you’ll experience.

Constantly Running AC

In the ideal world, your AC will only run for a limited amount of time and turn off when your home hits your target temperature. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. If your AC isn’t working as well as it should, it will constantly run to cool your home down.

One common problem that causes this is a dirty air filter. A dirty filter makes it harder for your AC to do its job. Change your filter at least every three months to ensure you don’t run into this problem.

Water Leaking

A leaking AC unit isn’t uncommon in the summer. Your AC doesn’t run without producing byproducts when it’s humid. Condensation forms inside your unit and gets drained out of a condensation drain.

However, that drain can get clogged, or you may generate too much byproduct if your evaporator coils freeze up. Your unit can’t correctly drain in this situation, so you must remove the clog or ensure that the ice thaws on your coils.

Bad Smells

A smell is the last thing you should notice when looking for home AC unit problems. No matter what types of air conditioners you look at, none of them produce any smells.

Bad odors are a sign that you have an electrical problem in most cases. You have wires that are burnt and produce burning smells. You’ll need to hire a pro to investigate the issue and may need to invest in a new AC installation.

Leaving bad electrical issues alone for too long can become a much more severe problem.

Freon Leak

A freon leak is one of the worst AC issues you can experience. Freon isn’t safe for humans, so troubleshooting this issue isn’t advisable for most people.

If you see a freon leak, contact a repair professional as soon as possible. A pro can find and fix your leak. Once you have a functional air conditioner, you can have an AC technician refill the freon you lost.

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to purchase a new AC. You’ll need to find out more about some of your new AC options.

There Are More Air Conditioner Problems You Can Experience

Your AC plays a critical part in your home’s climate, so you can’t afford for it to go out of commission when you need it the most. Luckily, there are many common air conditioner problems that you can familiarize yourself with to learn when there’s a problem. Keep them in mind to know when you need to fix something yourself or hire a pro to get your AC back up and running.

Do you want to learn other common home issues and how to take care of the problem? Learn more about home improvement by checking out the latest blog posts.

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