The complete guide to moving large items

Relocation has many different aspects, all of them are more or less important. Nonetheless, at one point in time or another, you’ll need to get to every single one. Moving large items during relocation might be one of the most dreaded moving activities there are. That being said, the sooner you think of a solution that’s fitting for you, the sooner it’ll all be over. Don’t get stuck in thinking about how dull this will be, just get to it.

Make sure that you’re prepared

Taking your time with planning a relocation is essential. You cannot rush this process. Moving in a hurry usually has pretty hectic results. Don’t let this happen to you. Anything that you can plan as far in advance as possible, you should. It’s the number one most important thing when it comes to relocating, especially if you have a lot of large and heavy items to move.

Make sure to not only plan out the process alone but to also make an inventory list. Although it might seem like losing large items during moving isn’t likely to happen, you’d be surprised.

Bubble pack that you'll need while moving larger items.
Using some special materials like bubble pack in order to make relocating large items a bit safer is a good way to go.

How to treat large items before moving

Treating large items during a move doesn’t sound that difficult. However, not everything needs the same amount of attention. You need to divide your belongings into categories and think about the best way to pack and relocate them.

  • Pack them with great care
    Packing your items carefully means using good materials and actually paying attention to how you’re packing and stacking them later on.
  • Protect any fragile parts
    If you have any glass items or anything that’s likely to get squished or destroyed, this should be done with extra precaution.
  • Don’t give up when things get rough
    Some things might get misplaced, wrecked, or damaged in some way. It’s only natural. Especially if your moving interstate or if you have a lot of stuff to move. Make sure that you don’t simply give up if this happens.

Storing large items

If you’re moving somewhere far away or if you have some time in between leaving your old home and moving to your new one, moving large items won’t be as smooth as you might like it to be. Nonetheless, there’s a solution for everything. you can rent a storage unit and have your items safe and sound for however long you need them there.

Choosing a storage rental sounds easy enough. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some safety measures when renting it. Make sure that you trust the people you’re doing business with and that you’ve gotten a good look at the unit before taking your belongings there.

Make sure not to overwork yourself

If you’re moving large items on your own, make sure to do it wisely. Strategies that are useful to have when relocating large items on your own:

  • Push, don’t pull or carry
    Don’t tire yourself more than needed. Take the time to revise the best strategies. Using a forklift might be a good idea if you’re not that into strength training and deadlifting.
  • Get some help from friends
    If you realize that this isn’t a job for one person and want some help, ask your friends for it. You can even make a fun day out of it.
  • Take breaks
    If you have a lot of larger items that you need to move, it might be smart to take breaks every now and then.
The word 'rest' written on a white background
Taking some resting periods while relocating large items is a smart decision.

Find movers and packers to help you

Finding a company that’ll help you move large items and take this burden off your hands is a great way to get some rest and prepare for other parts of your upcoming move. You can find the best local movers in your area by using informed and reliable sites like USA Moving Reviews. Make sure that you’ve thoroughly vetted movers before hiring them.

Consider shipping these items to your new home

Another thing that could help immensely is getting your large items shipped to your new address. Having someone take full responsibility for your belongings will give you some peace of mind. You’ll be able to do anything else that you might have on your plate or simply relax and get ready for the period that’s coming.

Special services

There are also various options for moving that cost a bit extra but are well worth it. Some moving companies consider moving large items a luxury that you need to pay additionally for and some don’t. You need to inform yourself on this matter beforehand and see how much you’re willing to spend on this. If you consider it an expense that’s unreasonable or unnecessary, you can always go about it in a different way.

A van that moving companies use for special services such as moving large items.
Some moving companies might consider moving larger items as a service that you’ll need to pay extra for.

Consider donating and repurchasing

Shopping for new furniture or any other large items that aren’t as easy to move might be a good idea to think about. This way you won’t have to pack, carry, or store your already existing things. It might even end up costing less when you look at the big picture. Moving larger items isn’t inexpensive at all. However, if you consider some of these things to be too valuable for you to get rid of them, that’s okay as well. It’s all about meeting your own needs and doing what’s right for you. Don’t rush into anything and set your priorities straight.

Get insurance for the more valuable items

Another aspect of moving large items that you might find interesting or even necessary is insurance. If you have something that doesn’t only have emotional value but is also expensive and irreplaceable, it might be a good idea to ensure it. You’ll feel much better knowing that it’s safe and that you’ll be taken care of if anything were to happen to it.

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