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The Complete Guide to Planning a Business Trip: Everything to Know

The Complete Guide to Planning a Business Trip: Everything to Know

The GBTA predicts a promising year for non-essential travel during 2022, with 82% of businesses claiming their employees are willing to travel for business this year.

Work trips offer a wealth of benefits for businesses, including increased exposure and the chance to expand your markets. So, if you’re keen to get this year off to a flying start, now’s the time to start planning a business trip.

Read these pointers on business trip preparation to help you get the most value out of your travels.

Save When Planning a Business Trip

Regular travelers should sign up for as many travel rewards programs as possible. These small savings can really add up when it comes to meals, flights, car hire, and accommodation.

Sign up for Airport lounge memberships. These comfortable havens provide quiet spaces, food, and a place to work undisturbed while you wait for your flight.

Maximize Your Schedule

Time is a commodity no business person can afford to waste. You can make the most of yours by working on a detailed inventory for your business trip.

Book your flights well in advance, so you’ve got more options for hotels and flight times. This can help you fit in your meetings around logistical necessities and even a few hours for sightseeing around your business trip destinations.

Save Time and Avoid Frustration

Be sure to check in for your flights online and print your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport.

You should also carry a printed copy of important numbers and other information. This can save you countless hours of inconvenience if you’re unlucky enough to lose your wallet or your phone.

You can also speed up security and customs checks by applying for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. Non-stop flights might cost a little more, but they can eliminate hours of wasted time.

Buy pre-packed healthy snacks for your travels. You’ll save time waiting for service or queuing at vending machines, ensure you’re getting a nutritious diet on the road, and avoid blowing your business trip budget on expensive meals.

Cost-Effective Transport

When you travel frequently, it makes sense to work with a travel agent who’ll source the best deals for you instead of doing all the legwork yourself.

Do you spend an enormous amount of your budget on business flights and car hire for yourself, your associates, and your clients? You should consider buying a business jet.

Weighing up the costs of air tickets versus the purchase price and operational expenses of a jet could yield some surprises. Owning a business jet brings the benefits of convenience, and can save you money in the long run.

Plus, you’ll have an asset that you can sell when necessary. Read more about this here while planning your business travel budget for the year.

Make Business Travel Work for You

When you keep these tips for planning a business trip in mind, you can count on comfortable and cost-effective travels. So bookmark this page and refer to it regularly the next time you need to head out on business.

If you’d like some more hints on how to make the most of every aspect of your business, browse our blog at your leisure.

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