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The Conjuring 3 Review; And Every Things You Need To Know

Join Theblogulator to review all the information about Conjuring 3; From the story of The Conjuring 3 to the actors and the release date. If you are a fan of horror movies, you are undoubtedly familiar with The Conjuring horror movie series. The story of the films in this series is about Edward Warren and Lauren Warren.

A loving couple who in the 60’s and 80’s were investigating cases with supernatural themes and evil forces. Ed Warren was born in 1926 and Lauren Warren was born in 1927. Be with Theblogulator in continue.They has been working in the field of paranormal since 1952.

During their activity, the couple reviewed important cases, of which the Annabel doll can be considered the most important. In 2013, the first film of The Conjuring, directed by James Vaughan, was produced and released. As you know three years after its release, the second part of the series was released in 2016. Previous series of this horror movie have received acceptable scores on imdb.
It is interesting to know that the storyline of this film and many of its stories are real. Many of these stories happened in the real world.

Release Date

It was in June 2017 that New Line Cinema confirmed in a statement that Summon 3 was under construction, but at that time did not announce an exact release date. Cinemagoers waited until September 2018 to learn more about the film. At the time, the film’s producer, Peter Safran, announced that they hoped to begin production on the film in 2019; According to him, what happened and the production of this film started in June 2019.

For this reason, and because of the start of production of this film in 2019, most likely this film should have been released in 2020. Warner Bros. confirmed this and announced September 11, 2020 as the release date of the film, but the spread of the Corona virus around the world slowed down the production process of the film, and for this reason, the release date of this film, like many Postpone from 2020 movies to another date. Warner Bros. Studios is currently planning to release this movie on June 4, 1421 (June 4, 2021), and if there is no particular problem, we will see the release of this movie on that date.

The Conjuring 3 story

The answer to this question will most likely be no. Therefore, it is certain because of the presence of these two actors in The Conjuring, who played a very important role in the success of the previous episodes of this series. Passing by the presence of these two actors, we will most likely see the presence of actors such as Rory O’Connor, Sarah Catherine Hook and Julien Hillard in the new part of the film. We can also expect Sterling Grins to be in this movie series again; The actress who played Judy, the daughter of Ed and Lauren.

Interview With Film Agents Of Conjuring 3

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson described the film’s production process, saying, “The production process was amazing and felt different from the previous films in the series. The film still retains its foundation. Previous films, including Ed and Lauren and their crazy stories.

“We continue to take these two characters to places they never were before, and this makes the new film in the world of conjuring a new and different experience for the viewer. Move, preserving the foundation of old films. “According to Patrick Wilson, we can expect new actors and characters to appear in The Conjuring 3.

If you would like to know that there is no way to know more about making this film, read Patrick Wilson’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter below.
Patrick Wilson said that the production process of The Conjuring 3 was different from the previous series. In this series of different topics, we are accompanied by two regular characters of Conjuring 3 movies.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson explained the production process of this film and said: “The production process of this film was amazing and it had a different feeling than the previous films in this series. The film still retains the foundation of previous films, including Ed and Lauren and their crazy stories. “We continue to take these two characters to places they have not been before, and this allows the new film in the world of Conjuring to convey a new and different experience to the viewer, while preserving the foundation of the old films.” According to Patrick Wilson, we can expect new actors and characters to appear in the movie Conjuring 3.

 Movie Story

There is good information available about this case and its stories. To summarize the possible storyline of this film, we will review the details of this case together. If you want to know the story of the third series of summons, stay tuned. This story tells the personal story of the killer because the evil forces know. Ed and Luren get into the story and investigate the case to face the supernatural nonetheless. The case of this killer becomes the first murder case of America, which is an evil force accused of committing murder.

The Conjuring 3 Story Theories

Before the official announcement of the title of the movie Conjuring 3, which largely determined its storyline, there were many rumors about the details of the third part of the movie. These were very widespread rumors about the presence of a werewolf in the film; A wolf most likely possessed by an evil force that the Warren family must deal with. After the official announcement of the title of the film, the possibility of these rumors disappearing to a large extent, but it is not bad to look at the information that exists on this subject.

In 2018, Vera Farmiga, who plays Lauren Warren, said in an interview about the story of the third part of the film: “I think the story of the third part of this film is related to wolves, or at least we see a captured wolf in the film. I may be wrong about this. This may have been in the minds of the creators, but we will not see it in the film. “I received a book from someone close to the Warren family called Warewolf about an evil werewolf.”

The Conjuring 3 Production Team

In the third part, however, James Vaughan is not in charge of directing the actors. The third part of The Conjuring is directed by Michael Chavez. Chvez has also directed The Curse of La Llorona; In this film, James Vaughn is in the production team. David Leslie Johnson is also one of the best horror film writers in the film.

Future Conjuring 3 Horror Collection

Conjuring movie series, which has become one of the most popular and successful movie series in the horror genre. This movie gained a lot of fans all over the world after the release of its first and second episodes. Undoubtedly, all fans of this genre will welcome the continuation of this movie series and will enjoy it if the next episodes are produced. However, there is still no official news about the future of this series after the third part, and none of the members of its production team have announced any information about the next parts. The only point.

“The Warren family has a lot of interesting stories and stories, each of which can turn into a fascinating and exciting film,” said James Vaughn after the second part of the series.

last Word

We predict The Conjuring 3 going to be one the scariest movies of 2021. the What do you think, the regular companions of Theblogulator , think about the movie Conjuring 3?If you like to buy movies and series, refer to the popular Plaza magazine. Also  If you have an interesting point in mind about the new episode of this movie series, share it with us in comment.


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