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The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Co-Working Space in Bangalore

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Co-working spaces are gaining popularity at an amazing rate, with many entrepreneurs and freelancers choosing this environment to work in, especially when starting out on their own. This type of office space offers flexibility and freedom that traditional offices don’t offer. Co-working spaces also provide a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, as well as the companies and resources who are capable of influencing your company’s development.

However, with so many co-working spaces out there, it can be difficult to decide which one will be the best fit for you and your needs. So, before you connect with the largest office space provider in Bangalore to find your dream space, below are five important factors to consider when choosing the right co-working space in Bangalore:

Understand Your Needs

Whether you’re getting ready to move your business into an office, or you need more space for an expanding team, understanding what kind of space you actually need will be your first step. A co-working space can be a great option for many businesses especially startups and small businesses but it won’t make sense for everyone.

Ask yourself if there’s enough room to grow within your current set-up or if you plan on hiring new employees in the near future. Also, consider how much privacy and quiet time you need to focus. If you cannot work well with some background noise, then a shared workspace might not be right for you.

Pick the Right Location

The location of your co-working office can have a big impact on how useful it is for you. You’ll have to spend time getting there, and if it’s too far away from where you live or other places you frequently go, that will make it less useful.

Make sure you take into account things like travel time, parking availability, the work atmosphere, and the cost of public transit when considering different locations.

Find Suitable Co-Working Spaces

Each co-working space is different and can offer different benefits. Be sure to know exactly what each type of space you need and how well it fits into your goals when it comes to choosing the right space.

For example, some spaces are only open during traditional business hours, while others have 24/7 access. Also, certain spaces may be cheaper than others, depending on what amenities they offer.

Find out which amenities you need the most and where you want to be physically located before deciding on a co-working space.

Plan Your Budget

Make a note of how much you will be able to spend for the rental or lease each month. Once you know what your budget is, then look around at different spaces and see what they offer and how they fit into your price range. Look closely at what’s included in the cost—does it include coffee and refreshments, security and other basic amenities?

Check Basic Amenities

Most co-working spaces offer amenities like coffee and tea service, Wifi, and meeting rooms. Some of the premium co-working spaces include gyms, conference rooms, clubs, and more. Make sure you get in touch with each potential co-working space before signing up for their services so that you know exactly what you’re getting into and can weigh your options accordingly.

Find the Right Community

One of the biggest benefits of co-working space is its ability to cultivate community. Being in an environment that encourages networking and collaboration will allow you to be more productive and it will also help you to tackle isolation and monotony.
But, before you commit to choosing a space, check the companies and employees in and around the property and make sure it’s a good fit for you and your company’s growth.

Now that you have got an idea about how to choose a decent co-working space in Bangalore, it is always a good idea to take suggestions from some of the best commercial office real estate solution providers in Bangalore. There are a lot of real estate companies that are acclaimed as the largest office space provider in Bangalore who will assist you in finding your dream space. So, list down your preferences real soon and find the right space for your office.

6 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing an Office Space

Convenient Location
While you search for a properly managed office space for rent in Bangalore, choosing the right location should be your primary goal. You’ll probably need a location that is easy to access and has all the amenities close by.

It is also important that you choose a location that will not only make it easier for your employees to reach the office but will also make it easier for your clients and customers. Apart from that, choosing a location that has easy access to restaurants and coffee shops would be great.

Proper Communication

Effective communication is the key to success in any business niche.

Before you sign a lease, make sure you communicate well with your landlord and property manager. This will not only allow you to better understand your responsibilities and rights, but it will also enable you to address problems when they occur. Communicating in writing is always the best because there’s a reduced risk of miscommunication or interpretation.

Safety and Security

Without sufficient security measures, an office space is unfit for running a productive business.

It’s vital to think about the safety and security of the site and property you’ve chosen when setting up an office. Before renting an office space, look into the property’s security measures and make sure essential safety measures are in place such as fire alarms, surveillance cameras, emergency exits, and proper ventilation, among others.

Parking Availability

Parking space is something really important that people take into major consideration when they hunt for any office space in the city.

You should double-check whether the property has enough parking when you choose a particular space – otherwise, your staff, clients, and customers would have a tough time finding a safe parking spot.

Common Area Facilities

Another significant thing to consider when looking for an office space for rent in Bangalore is the availability of common areas. These are the areas where employees may socialize with one another and refresh their brains. Spending some time away from their desks and breaking up the monotony of their job can help them recharge their batteries and be more productive.
24/7 Network Availability
These days, we can’t imagine working without the internet.

The internet is regarded as an unavoidable aspect of the workplace. So, when you’re looking for a well-managed office space to rent in Bangalore, make sure the region has adequate network connectivity because an uninterrupted network connection is a critical feature that your employees will need to accomplish their tasks.
Be it the tastiest kachoris or the world’s best techies, Bangalore is the place to be! And, that applies to your office space too. In this article, let’s see why Bangalore is the right place for your next business move.

Location, location, location.

Even though Mumbai is considered India’s fastest-growing city, it’s really Bangalore that has all the ingredients for a great city that other cities just can’t match. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and it is the most important commercial and industrial centre in South India. It is also the third-largest city in India and it is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Asia.

Other major amenities include conference rooms, cafeteria, attractive interiors, washroom facilities, and resting areas. You can choose the properties according to your specific needs. If you have a better understanding of your office requirements, you will be able to cross this item off your list with ease.

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