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The FmWhatsApp application and its features and how to download it

fm whatsapp premium messaging app modified based on old whatsap

FM Whatsapp is for

The FM Whatsapp is a new plugin that has been created for the FM17 and FM18 versions of this game by FMBoxing. FMWhatsApp has many features, which include:

– Send photos from your computer to the computer you’re chatting with without sharing in any other way. (This feature makes FMWhatsApp different from all other Whatsapp applications).

– You can send files up to 1GB in size (it used to be 512mb before).

– The program will support voice messages when it’s time. FM WhatsApp is available to users.

FMWhatsApp lets you use all these amazing things with anyone you want, from FM or not FM. WhatsApp is a new FMWhatsapp client that supports FM2014, FM15, FM16 and FM17.

– With FMWhatsApp you can chat with anyone who has installed the FPatcher version of this program on their computer.

How to download FMWhatsapp

– Go on fmdb and search for “Fmwhatsapp” (without quotes). Click on found matches and click “show matches only” so that it shows all available versions of this application.

– The first thing you’ll notice is that FMWhatsApp requires FM Patcher to be installed up and running before you run FMWhatsApp. Without FMPatcher this won’t work as FMWhatsapp is simply a plugin for FMPatcher itself.

– After FMPatcher is successfully installed you’ll need to open it and click on the “Install Whatsapp” button.

– A file browser will now appear, allowing you to choose where your whatsapp installation path (the folder containing WhatsAppData) can be found.

Caution: FMWhatsapp installer deletes all previous versions of WhatsApp from your computer, so make sure that no one is using Whatsapp on your PC before running FMWhatsApp.

– In order for FMWhatsApp to function correctly you need at least 2GB of available RAM on your computer, any less than that and FMWhatsApp will simply not work.

– FMWhatsapp doesn’t require you to create a new FM17/FM18 profile, so feel free to start your existing save if you have one.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp (also known as WhatsApp Messenger) is an instant messaging application which allows users to communicate with friends over the Internet for free. It relies on the internet connection of both sender and receiver instead of using SMS messages. It is very popular with FM players because it allows them to communicate without the need for an internet connection.

This application was developed by FMBoxing and FMScout Staff member Frank  . Without these guys this wouldn’t have been possible, so we thank them for their hard work in making FMWhatsApp a reality. FMWhatsApp is completely safe, guaranteed by our forum’s very own VirusTotal website which scans apps for virus and malware. FMWhatsapp has also been tested by various FM enthusiasts in order for bugs not to slip through the testing phase, so you shouldn’t face any problems when using FMWhatsapp.

Whatsapp Features

– FMWhatsApp comes with FM17 and FM18 compatible versions.

– You can’t logout from FMWhatsApp without shutting down FMPatcher first. To properly terminate FMWhatsApp press the Exit button in FMPatcher and wait a few seconds before starting your PC again.

– FMWhatsApp requires at least 2GB of RAM to run smoothly since it does use quite a lot of resources when sending large amounts of text.

  FMWhatsApp’s Whatsapp window has a few buttons which you can click on:

  1. About shows some infos about FMWhatsApp.
  2. FMWhatsApp’s FM window, which is launched when you click on the FM logo button in FM18, features 4 buttons:
  3.  Login/Logout allows you to login or logout from your current FM Server. You can easily restart it by clicking Exit then Launch again (just like terminating FMWhatsApp).
  4. Refresh Friends sends a refresh request to Whatsapp which should update all your friends if they’re using FMWhatsApp too.
  5. Minimize FM minimizes FMWhatsApp in order to use FM normally.
  6. FMLogs sends you a link where you can upload FM logs for me to look into any FM related problems you might have.
  7. Fmwhatsapp’s Whatsapp Window doesn’t require you to verify your phone number first like WhatsApp itself does.

FM Whatsapp is a messaging app designed for phone calls.

FM WhatsApp is mainly an alternative to WhatsApp but it also offers voice calling feature. It has more 2G internet support and its speed is higher than most of the apps in the market which makes it one of the best free calling apps.

Its interface is clean and easy-to-use and you can use this app on your PC without difficulty since it supports web version as well which you can access using any browser.

Features of FM Whatsapp – It has better internet connection than WhatsApp – Voice calling feature – Web version available for PC users – No need to root your device – Only VPS (Virtual Private Server) required – Privacy protection by encryption

PROs of FM Whatsapp

No need to root your phone Supports all kind of phones Voice calling feature High Speed Better internet connection compared to most apps in the market. More secure Less space taken up on smart phone Full control over privacy Unlimited contacts

CONs of FM Whatsapp

Fewer using it Fewer features Doesn’t support sharing of files No SMS feature

When compared to WhatsApp it is more secure and fast. Moreover, the FM Whatsapp group chat is always available unlike that of WhatsApp where you can’t access your group chats on data since they use server. Thus these were some of the features and how it is better than the most used app in the world, Whatsapp.

In this article we will explain how FM WhatsApp mod works and all the needed steps to configure FM Whatsapp in your FM14 profile.

The FM WhatsApp Mod is a long-awaited tool for FM fans since not everyone has a desktop computer, so playing in front of a monitor is something difficult to do. Now you can chat with your friends while creating your tactical schemes or even when going through the match highlights!

Nowadays it’s very easy to download FM Whatsapp on PC or laptop if you follow some simple steps explained below:

First of all, go ahead and get yourself an Android emulator like Bluestacks which costs only 97 cents per month (a small fee).

Download FM Whatsapp on PC With this emulator, you will be able to play literally any Android game or app on your computer with ease. FM WhatsApp is one such example which can run flawlessly through Bluestacks.

FM Whatsapp For PC

Step 1: Download FM Whatsapp Mod for FM14

Step 2: Install FM Whatsapp on PC

Open bluestacks and go to My Apps > Discover More Apps > FM Whatsapp MOD > Search FM WhatsApp in Play Store.

It will take you directly to FM WhatsApp download… click on FREE button and FM WhatsApp FM14 App will start downloading within few seconds.

FM Whatsapp FM14 Mod is ready to launch! You can play FM14 with FM WhatsApp online mode, send unlimited messages to your friends every week or use the desktop client for backup purposes. What are you waiting for? Download FM Whatsapp mod now and enjoy FM 2014 even more!

I have followed this method but when i open bluest it does not find any app

FMWA for Radio

FM WhatsApp works with all FM Apps installed on your phone, it will automatically scan for all available FM Stations and list them so you can open any of those Stations with any of the FM apps installed on your phone.

* Supported Countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Egypt France Germany Ghana Greece India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Luxembourg

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