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The GB WhatsApp Mod application and its features and how to download it

Today's technological advances provide many innovations and new developments in the world of digital applications. One of them is a very popular chat application, namely WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been modified with more complete and sophisticated features and services, namely the GB WhatsApp Apk . So that users can enjoy additional features that are not available in the original version of the WhatsApp application.

What is the GBWhatsApp application?

GB WhatsApp Apk is a modified application from WhatsApp which is equipped with additional cool features and services. This application has the same working system as the original version, only the features that are presented are more complete. This MOD version was developed by other parties to meet the increasingly high needs of WhatsApp users.

The MOD version of WhatsApp is very sophisticated. So that it is free from being banned and continues to be developed according to user needs and technological advances. By using WhatsApp MOD, users can feel comfortable with the various features and services provided.


The WhatsApp MOD apk developer continues to update the application to always keep up with the times. Especially in providing communication services in the form of chatting with other users. Users can get various features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. However, to get a safe WhatsApp MOD application, you must go through a trusted site and are not available in the Play Store.

Main Features of the GBWhatsApp Application

As a modified application, WhatsApp has a more attractive appearance with various options. Starting from themes, fonts, wallpapers, and so on that can support user comfort. The main features provided by this MOD version of the WhatsApp application are as follows.

Online status hiding feature

As a WhatsApp user, of course you want your messages to be kept safe from other users. GB WhatsApp provides a feature to hide online status. So that it can maintain user privacy and activity when using the application. This feature can also help lazy users to reply to messages within a certain time but the message can be read.

To use this online status hide feature, open the privacy menu and select the “hide online status” menu. After that, you can enjoy all WhatsApp services without having to reply to all incoming messages. And your online status is unknown to others.

The double check hide feature

In the WhatsApp application, there is a notification service if the message sent has been received by someone else. Namely by displaying a check mark two blue. However, with this WhatsApp MOD application, you can hide the notification so that the sender of the message does not know the status of the message that was sent.

This feature really helps maintain user privacy to avoid other people’s pranks. To activate it, you can select the “second tick” menu in the privacy menu. After that, you can send messages and read messages freely.

Features of reading deleted messages

In official WhatsApp, messages that have been deleted cannot be displayed or read. So that it makes the recipient of the message curious about the contents of the message. To be able to see this message, you can use the “enable anti revoke” feature. With this feature, deleted messages will automatically be displayed in your message window.

Hide typing feature

In addition to online status, GBWhatsApp also provides a feature to hide typing notifications while replying to messages. This feature really helps users to be more comfortable and flexible in replying to messages. And don’t make the recipient of the message wait too long.

To enable this typing security feature, use the “writing status” feature. After this feature is active, all user activity when replying to messages cannot be seen or does not appear on other people’s WhatsApp windows.

Various theme features

As a chat application, it is not complete if it is not equipped with interesting themes, including WhatsApp. On the official WhatsApp, you can only use the color theme. However, with WhatsApp MOD, there is a wide selection of attractive and beautiful themes to decorate the appearance of your WhatsApp screen.

This theme feature can be activated in the “GB settings” menu and all themes can be used and downloaded easily. You can use the theme as you wish by just “apply and OK”.

Font Features

Apart from various themes, WhatsApp MOD also provides various application fonts. This feature is an advantage over the modified version which is not available in the official WhatsApp. To change the font, you can select the “change app font” menu and select the type of font you want.

How to Download the Latest GBWhatsApp Application


To enjoy all the main features of WhatsApp MOD, you can choose the latest and anti-banned version of Whatsapp GB . Follow the steps to download and install the following WhatsApp MOD application.

  1. Open a search engine on Google, and type the latest version of the WhatsApp MOD 9.80 application on the link.
  2. Download the application until it’s finished and stored on your device.
  3. Open the downloaded application file, and install the application. First activate “unknown sources” via the phone settings menu.
  4. Wait until the latest WhatsApp installation process is successful and installed on the cellphone. You will have twoWhatsApp applications, namely the official and modified versions.
  5. Uninstall the official WhatsApp application so you don’t get confused because you have two WhatsApp accounts.
  6. Open the latest WhatsApp MOD application and register the number by selecting the “agree and continue” menu.
  7. Enter your phone number registered in WhatsApp, and verify the number via SMS.
  8. After your number is verified, you can use the MOD version of the WhatsApp application for various messaging services.

Once installed, you can change the theme, font, or wallpaper as you wish. You can also make chat services more freely using the various additional features available. All available services you can enjoy to improve

Download link: Baixar Whatsapp GB

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