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The Importance of Secure Communication In The Workplace

The Importance of Secure Communication In The Workplace

Did you know that every year, 15 million people in the United States are victims of identity theft? If you run a business, you need to make sure you have secure communication in place to avoid any cyberattacks against your company data.

Read on to learn why communications security is so important.

Fewer Data Breaches

All companies face a risk when it comes to data breaches. Hackers continuously look for ways to get a hold of private customer information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, etc. This private information is very valuable to hackers because they can use it for their own personal gain or even to sell in places like the black market.

When a company goes through a data breach, they can end up in huge legal battles and in financial distress. This is why you need to ensure that you have secure communication systems in place to avoid dealing with data breaches.

Employees Privacy

Another reason you want to make sure you have communications security is to protect your own employees from things such as identity theft. Hackers or attackers can access your employee’s data or even their devices if you don’t have secure networks or secure software platforms.

For example, if you are a SaaS provider, the data you store in your servers with your employee’s personal information can be attacked. If this were to happen, they can easily access the devices your employees are using and this will cause a chain reaction where you are dealing with even more damage.

Legal Risks

You will not only deal with upset clients and employees if you were to have a data breach or if you don’t have a secure email communication service in place. An attack on your information can also lead to legal trouble.

Anyone that faces damages because of the lack of security on your end, can and will more than likely, sue your company for these damages.

Besides dealing with lawsuits, regulatory commissions in your area can also create financial distress by giving your company fines for insufficient cybersecurity measures. An example of this is if your business has to follow HIPAA standards, and you are found guilty of having a HIPAA violation, then it can cost you fines anywhere from $50 up to a million dollars per year.

Another example is data privacy legislations like the Data Security Law from China or the California Consumer Privacy Act. These acts can put your company as legal risk if it doesn’t meet their digital workplace security standards.

Ready to Level Up Secure Communication in Your Business?

Now that you are aware of how secure communication will help your business, you can make informed decisions to make sure all the data your business collects doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. You also want to be extra careful if you have remote workers employed because they can accidentally put your data at risk if you don’t have the proper procedures in place.

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