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The most popular materials for window blinds

What to choose for window covering? All kinds of window blinds

Window blinds are a universal tool that people implementall across the world in their rooms. No matter what country or culture you visit, it’s very likely that you’ll see some form of covering for a window.

All of these solutions will generally solve the same issue – to control the amount of lighting coming through a window, insulate a place better or just provide some general privacy.

Despite similarities between what their practical functions are, day night blinds quite often come in different shapes and forms. For example, there are venetian blinds, vertical or romans, whereas more expensive solutions even act as automated systems.

Still, there’s one thing that is important about any type of window blinds – the material that they’re made from.

In the article, this is exactly what we’re going to talk about – the most popular materials. All of them have certain advantages and drawbacks, which we will cover today.


Metal blinds are one of the most popular options out there. In order to be as light as possible, they are often made from aluminum, which is quite lightweight, though is still able to maintain a certain level of sturdiness and quality.

Another great thing is their reliability. Since aluminum doesn’t rust, such blinds are likely to maintain their good looks and functionality for a number of years. Moreover, since aluminum is not that expensive of a material, it makes such blinds a really affordable variant for people.

Quite often, metal blinds come in the styling of venetian blinds shaped horizontally, with large slats and huge cord which allows to raise and lower them, as well as adjust the lighting amount allowed through.


Plastic blinds are another type of blind which are highly affordable and stylish window treatment. They are known to be extremely sturdy and resistant to weather conditions, especially when the heat outside is immense.

Another advantage they often offer to owners is the freedom in styling. See, plastic blinds usually come in variety of styles and colors, which means people are free to create whatever mood they want in their rooms.

Wood window blinds

Naturally, wood is often the most popular material found in venetian-styled blinds which helps owners to create comfort and a real home atmosphere in their rooms. Quite often though, these blinds are more expensive than other variants because of that exact sophistication that they offer.

Many owners are willing to pay for this, since not many other materials help to create a classic interior style which many people want. However, they also have a noticeable disadvantage too. The most common one is that they require additional maintenance when compared with other options.

This is because wood is more affected by weather conditions like sunlight and humidity, quite more than cheaper metal or plastic options.

Faux wood

When talked about faux-wood, we usually mean blinds made from a mixture of wooden components as well as plastic ones, creating a sturdy, yet stylish looking hybrid.

This style often carries the same gorgeous appeal as normal wood coverings, however, they also contribute to the low maintenance required like those made out of plastics as well as metal materials.

Synthetic window blinds

Recycled and synthetic materials are becoming more and more popular these days. They are designed to be extremely functional and sturdy, and not lacking in the style department as well.

It’s said that they are the best option in terms of insulation and sound-proofing. Also, quite often they are the main material used in automated blind systems found in modern houses.

While they do cost more than manual blinds, people often choose them out of sheer convenience. Just imagine, all you need is a remote control or an app to set the blinds just right and not worry about anything else.

Oh yeah and also they’re quite stylish too, so you won’t have to live with an ugly product.

All in all

In this article, we’ve talked about the main materials used to make the great thing which are window coverings which are synthetic ones, plastic, wooden or faux-wood as well as metal.

Doesn’t matter which ones you prefer, each of them offer certain advantages to the owner, which can fit your bill depending on what you’re going in your room. So, keep this info in mind when going for a certain set of blinds.

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