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The need for Tour Guide Systems at Your Work Place

Are you having difficulty communicating at your workplace due to environmental noise at construction sites, factories, and plat sites? Is there any communication barrier due to loud machinery between you and your employees? Are you concern about how to have proper and productive communication at the construction site? The answer is her tour guide system is the best solution for all your problems.

The tour guide system helps the workers guide the tour group through the speakers to talk in a loud and projective voice. As a result, they can have a conversation with each other more easily without any difficulty. Here are some benefits, uses, and limitations you need to know about the tour guide system.

What is this guide system?

It is a wireless tour guide and portable transmitter system, which makes communication successful at the workplace with noisy plants, factories with heavy machinery, and construction sites. They come with headsets, Bluetooth mics, and a portable transmitter, which makes your work easier. You can pass on an important message, discussion, and issues with your employees without any environmental noise barrier.

Moreover, these guide systems have an active noise cancellation system, allowing zero interpretations and crystal clear noise. There are different types of guide system which differs according to the requirements and demands.

  • Way Tour Guide System.
  • Sennheiser Tour Guide System.
  • 2-Way Tour Guide System.
  • MP3 Audio Guides.

Benefits of using a tour guide system

These devices are reliable and are necessary for noisy workplaces. Y installing a wireless tour guide, you will have certain benefits such as:

  • Advanced and innovative sound technology conveys exceptional sound quality in factories, loud plants, and manufacturing facilities.
  • They are simple, single-unit equipment that removes messy cables and wires.
  • They are hands-free transmitter and are lightweight with tour headsets, making tours effortless for employers and employees.
  • There are almost 40 channels for multiple tour groups and interpretation functionality.
  • They have a durable and reliable carrying case that rapidly charges the long-lasting batteries up to 10+ hours, which can work all day and charge at night using the built-in charge dock. Hence, it provides mobility.
  • They come with a Warranty assuring you security, confidence, and trust.
  • They are a reliable system to cover any factory or plant tour, employee training, or guided tour headset and tour equipment needs.
  • Environmentally Sound and they have rechargeable batteries.
  • They are flexible for both large and small groups.
  • It operates on a 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency.
  • They have license-free and legal in all countries.

Application and uses of the guide system

There is multiple application of this portable transmitter depending upon the requirements and demand, such as:

  • It is used at Factory visits.
  • The system can be used in large classrooms.
  • Bus tours to make communication easier.
  • Tour groups for guiding the people about instructions.
  • Monument visits.
  • People can use them in conferences and make them productive.
  • Language Interpretations.
  • Audio guide tours.
  • Promote remote monitoring.
  • They are used in gallery and museum tours.
  • It is beneficial for employee training, as it enables them to listen to the instructions correctly without any noise barrier.
  • These devices can be used for church events to make communication easier.

Further, you have various uses of this wireless portable guide system, like a person can use the guide system to deliver the message to the delegates with receivers. Another use of them is that two individuals (speakers) transmit separate audio on different channels to delegates located at the same location. Further, the third way of using it is two speakers having transmitters can transmitter the audios to all the representatives with receivers.

Limitation of tour guide systems

There are some limitations to using this device successfully. Here are some points that you need to know to avoid any disturbance in communication.

The guide system is used for the speakers, and the listeners are at a short distance. Also, if they have far away, this system will not benefit the speaker or listener. Additionally, the range matters a lot in working. The range must be within 30 m to have a crystal clear digital sound.

Sometimes the one-way and two-way audio tour system doesn’t have a fine quality of sound, making the communication process complicated. Therefore, the guide system must be operated by a professional technician.

Moreover, there is some technical aspect of the Tour guide device, such as:

  • The transmitters and receivers operate on 2043 ~ 2480.5 MHz.
  • The system is used to send and receive signals and support up to 100 channels, use an electrical condenser microphone and a dipole antenna.
  • Sources and Headsets support 1 x Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries 2250maH.

Elements present in a Tour Guide Kit

The system comes with proper instruction and guide so that people don’t face any difficulty while operating the system and delivering the information. There can be customized devices that can work according to people’s requirements and need. Here are some parts of the guide system.

  • The kit has a transmitter and headset microphone, which help the speakers in communicating with the listeners. It enables the guide to use both hands throughout the tour. Also, units are accessible upon request.
  • It also has 20 receivers and earpieces, which help the delegates and listen to the speaker. Representatives can also use their own headphones if they desire.
  • The system comes with a recharging case, which can charge up to 25 units and make the system merely useful. Moreover, the units also come with non-rechargeable batteries.
  • The system comes with a built-in belt clip or lanyard to make all the delegates enjoy the hand-free experience.

Demerits of buying a tour guide device

Despite various benefits, there are some demerits of purchasing these devices such as:

  • Although it could provide a cost-benefit to organizations, it requires high storage and maintenance costs.
  • The system needs to be updated whenever the new systems arrive.
  • They are more costly if you have to increase your number of transmitters and receivers frequently.

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