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The one that should not be overlooked- The Most Student Oriented University

Formed in 2006, the University of Fujairah ranking amongst the top 45 best universities in UAE, received its official Academic Accreditation the same year. In the year that followed, the university implemented multiple reaches out programs in addition to the current academic programs with the sole purpose of educating the masses and ensuring to bring down the number of people underneath the poverty. But that was not all. The administrations swiftly realized the need to upgrade their infrastructure to keep up with the changing times. Hence, multiple technological boosts were implemented such as:

  • Introduction of E-Library with over 2600 books.
  • Inter-Library loaning services to loan out the books needed electronically from their fellow universities.
  • Subscription to TURNITIN to prevent 10 types of plagiarism.
  • Enhanced research equipment for the national and international scope of the study, the resources can be used from either the University of Fujairah or the universities it is in a research contract with.

About University:

The University of Fujairah principled on dignity, respect and unbiasedness are not only is it built on these values, but its implementation is spectacularly quick. From the governing body to its lowest staff members, the people at this university treat one as they would their closest friends and this warmth begins from the day one visits the university and never ends. University of Fujairah faculty consists of professors are not only skilled in their craft but are also empathetic towards their students. The methods they teach by are fun to experience and the bond formed between the professors and their students is undeniable.

Course Offered by University:

The Courses by the University of Fujairah are designed with a determination to educate those who require it no matter the circumstances. From its foundation program for those who were unable to achieve the necessary requirements to enter its doors, to diplomas and bachelor’s degrees. The University of Fujairah is known to provide financial aids to students who have been dealt with a rough hand in life so that they are not left behind while their peers continue to succeed. But this is not where it ends, the university also provides its accepted students with visa aid to make their transition into the UAE a smooth experience. To avail of the visa aid service, the candidate should call the office of the Property and Services Manager and inform them about the relevant details.

The care this university shows towards its students is unprecedented. Imagine, you’re on foreign soil, with a limited number of funds, barely making ends meet and you suddenly fall sick. Now, this is a real worry for students abroad and medical services have always been expensive around the world. But here, the university makes it mandatory for each student to carry with them a health card published by the Ministry of Health. The students can get more information about this from the university’s coordinator.

Now the only minor setback that this university poses is the absence of accommodation within the campus vicinity and to counter that, the University of Fujairah partnered up with multiple private hostels that are not only well equipped to cater the students need, but are also safe and secure. With guards protecting it round the clock.

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