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The right chemical suppliers means your products and services can be delivered on time

Choosing the right chemical suppliers may be one of the most difficult decisions

Choosing the right chemical suppliers may be one of the most difficult decisions the purchasing department has to make, with 31% of the purchasing staff saying it is the most difficult part of their work.


The right supplier means that your products and services can be delivered in time, you can meet your needs with the best price, and the quality meets your standards.


On the other hand, making a mistake in choosing chemical suppliers can affect your satisfaction with the customer’s delivery and the company’s reputation.


Think strategy


Understand what you need and spend time researching the products you offer, always remembering how important suppliers are to your business.


Potential suppliers should be able to exceed your expectations. Imagine that your business suddenly starts to expand and there is a higher demand for your services and products. Are the suppliers you choose ready for your new challenges?


Consider not only what you need in the next few months, but also your long-term needs. If your goal is to provide your customers with faster deliveries in the next year, you should make sure that your suppliers are ready and able to meet that demand when the time comes.


Do you really have time to find products and the best suppliers? Or do you prefer to focus your resources on your core activities?


In this regard, experienced purchasing service companies can help reduce the burden. They are very proficient in this field. They are experts in your industry and have established relationships with a large number of suppliers.


How many chemical suppliers do you really need?


It’s better not to rely on one supplier. What if they suddenly went bankrupt? Or they became complacent and lowered their standards? Who would be responsible for that?


No matter which company you choose to work with, make sure that each company can pass your standards of reliability, credibility, efficiency and low cost. Your business should be their top priority.


An established purchasing service company will see itself as part of your company and your team.


What should we look for from suppliers?


Of course, your demand for suppliers depends on your industry, type and business size. However, no matter what field you work in, the supplier has to meet some basic requirements.


Reliability – this is the single most important responsibility of the supplier. You have to get what you need, in the quantity and quality you need, when you need it.


Quality – the quality of a product or service needs to be consistent.


Price – the lowest price is not always the most important standard. You should always look for value and find the best balance between price and value.


Clear communication – a good supplier needs to be honest and straightforward, let you know the unforeseen delay, so that you have time to make adjustments.


Customer service – it’s very valuable to have a dedicated manager on call to solve any problem.


Financial security – one of the important requirements of every supplier is financial strength and stability, so that they can meet all your requirements.


Partner – approach your supplier as a business partner. A strong relationship means that they will always keep your best interests in mind and do their best to provide you with what you need.


How to ensure good results?


It is necessary to monitor the performance of chemical suppliers. Establishing a direct point of contact with your company and conducting regular performance reviews will help a lot when renewing a contract.

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