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The Secret Behind Successful ICO Marketing

While ICO’s have become a household name by raising a record amount of funds for startups, its success can be largely attributed to robust ICO marketing strategies

Some of the Tactics to Use for Implementing Successful ICO Marketing Are

  • Social media promotion – Sharing insightful blogs and articles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram can go a long way in convincing investors of your ICO’s worth. 
  • Airdrop – It involves giving away free tokens to investors for completing specific tasks. However, do not offer too many freebies as participants may consider it as a scam. It is a win-win situation in the end situation as they would get good rewards and you receive a higher number of users for your platform. 
  • Community management – Share regular updates with your interested community. Make sure they know what is happening concerning your project. Answer their concerns swiftly. 
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with the media – Prepare professionally written press releases and share them with the leading media outlets. Pitch them the benefits of your project and focus on sharing your uniqueness with effective storytelling. Sponsored posts will also work wonders. 
  • Influencer marketing –  Hire well-known influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube and ask them to publicize your project among their followers. There are many channels out there who offer paid reviews. 
  • Invest in a quality website – Since your website would act as the first point of communication for investors, ensure that it loads fast and is SEO-friendly. Develop an attractive layout and have separate sections explaining each aspect of your project. Update your website with quality content regularly. Showcase your future vision, firm’s roadmap and all the timeline of your events. 
  • Use discussion forums – Participate in conversations with interested parties about relevant topics about your ICO on platforms like Reddit, Quora and Bitcointalk. Get valuable feedback and incorporate them to fine-tune your ICO. It will provide credibility to your ICO as investors will take time to read your high-quality answers for the questions raised. 
  • Organize events and conferences – Invite potential investors to participate in your events. It will greatly contribute to the upcoming presale for the ICO and is a lucrative opportunity to build a lasting and productive relationship with different influencers and vendors in the cryptocurrency space. 

While the above factors are essential for successful ICO marketing, there are certain activities a firm must avoid in their ICO. 

Do not plagiarize content from any source as the ICO may be perceived as a scam. Never resort to a cheap WordPress website as investors will immediately reject your project without examining your offerings. Use your tokens judiciously as the creation of extra tokens requires considerable effort. Promise a reasonable return to investors, do not go overboard by promising high returns and falling back on your claims. Do not buy your followers as the entire promotional campaign will backfire. Spend a limited amount of money on ICO marketing campaigns. Focus on your return on investment and try to use free tools as much as you can. 

Hence, maintain constant communication with your investors by indulging in successful ICO marketing to maximize the business potential of your ICO in quick time. 

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