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The Top 3 Cabinet Colors of 2022

The Top 3 Cabinet Colors of 2022

Imagine if you could radically transform the look of your kitchen to look brand new, without having to replace it or spend a small fortune. Is it possible? Yes is the answer!

Cabinet refacing is becoming ever more popular in America because it’s affordable, and the results are incredible! The key to getting cabinet refacing right is to choose the right cabinet colors to suit the overall vibe of your home.

In this guide, we’re going to look at 3 cabinet colors that are trending right now. See this as a starting point to help you figure out which colors might suit your home best. We’ll also look at various other things to consider when you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing involves professionals coming into your home and refinishing or painting various aspects of your room to give it a much-needed update. For instance, many contractors can refinish cabinets, doors, door knobs, hinges, etc.

Such professionals can completely restyle your cabinets. In most cases, you’ll have dozens of options to consider without having to buy new cabinets.

The big question is, what color scheme do you go with when you decide to get your cabinets refaced? Here are three popular cabinet colors to choose from:

1. Earthy Green Colors

Earthy green colors are a super-hot trend for a kitchen remodel in 2022. We’re talking about colors like Guacamole, Cyprus Garden, and Blanched Thyme, for example.

There are various other tones of green that verge on blue and yellow, making it a super-versatile color to consider for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. A color like Breezeway has a blueish tint, while October Mist has a yellowish vibe. The adaptability of choosing an earthy green color is good for anyone that wishes to incorporate it into an existing color scheme.

One design tip we can offer is that earthy green cabinet colors will match up nicely with white walls and countertops. You can also think about adding natural wood elements to create a calm and relaxing kitchen or bathroom. And keep in mind, you don’t have to go with real wood, as there are plenty of realistic wood-looking alternatives out there that are affordable and easy to install.

2. Dark Hues and Black

Various dark hues and black are coming in trend for 2022. The idea is you contrast these dark colors with white or very light-hued colors on your countertops and walls. You may also blend in some natural wood to calm down the contrast a little.

The best cabinet colors to have in a dark hue might be a Hague Blue matched up with gold-colored cabinet and door handles. Black works well when you juxtaposition it with lighter colors like pine textures and white marbled countertops.

3. Ocean Blues and White

Ocean blues offset with pure white in a kitchen or bathroom make for a refreshing change from the dreary old cabinets you may be used to. Baby blue is a nice alternative to ocean blue and pairs up with natural wood flooring and panels very well.

The idea of these color combinations is to make your living space feel calmer and cooler. After all, many of us now are going through stressful times in our lives, so calming aesthetics might help a lot!

Other Unique Cabinet Colors To Consider

So we’ve now run through what’s on trend for cabinet colors in 2022. However, you might be interested to look at some other options?

If so, here is a list of some unique cabinet color options you can research. Then, if you like what you see, you can ask the contractor working with you whether they think it will fit with your current interior or not.

Here’s our unique selection of recommended colors:

  • Gentleman’s Gray
  • Nightshade
  • Arctic Seal
  • Mohegan Sage
  • Winter Lake
  • Hamilton Blue
  • Charleston Green

If we had to choose one favorite, it would be a color called Harbor Blue. Plum Creek would also be another interesting choice if you wanted to do something extra unique.

Cabinet Refacing Pros

To finish up, let’s talk about the pros of cabinet refacing. The first clear pro that we’ve already mentioned is that it’s much more affordable to get your cabinets refaced than to fully replace them. In many cases, you can expect to pay half the cost of replacement or less!

If you are concerned about environmental and sustainability issues, getting someone to come and reface your cabinets is a no-brainer. Most contractors will repair your old cabinet boxes too, which is great if you don’t want to increase your carbon footprint by purchasing an entirely new kitchen.

When you opt for refacing, you’ll have endless color and style choices to pour through. Our suggestions in this post are just the tip of the iceberg of what you could dream up for your new-look kitchen or bathroom.

One last pro is that if you love the functionality aspect of your kitchen as it already is, why would you need to have a full refit? Instead, you spruce up your existing cabinets and layout, so you get the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and function.

Your Choice of Cabinet Colors Is Endless

Truth be told, you can pretty much opt for any cabinet colors you like when looking to get your cabinets refaced. However, keep in mind what’s in trend at the moment if you want to impress!

For more style tips and advice on numerous other topics, head over to our home page by scrolling to the top of this page and clicking the link.

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