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The Top 7 Headphone Hacks That Will Improve your Sound Experience

Since the evolution of the Walkman, headphones have been a crucial part of the backpack survival kit. Whether you go for a jog or a metro, or simply you have to avoid a boring conversation, headphones come to the rescue.

So here we have lined up sure headphones hacks through which you can have a good sound quality and carry them without any hassle. Because today everyone is clearly obsessed with improving the sound quality of headphones, so let’s have a look;

Always go for the right pair.

Utilizing your headphones to the fullest begins with getting your hands on the right pair, and this doesn’t mean you need to get the expensive pairs. You can get a good quality pair within your price range, as there is a wide variety out there. Moreover, please make up your mind whether you want closed or open headphones before purchasing, and along with this, make sure you try the new pair with some old music to test their sound quality.

Turn your headphones into some noise-isolating ones.

There are times when we want to avoid noisy machines or go on in our world of music and ignore the rest; for this purpose, you don’t have to spend a massive sum of money to get noise-isolating headphones. You can use any pair of in-ears or any earplugs foam to avoid the noise; however, if you have open headphones, it is better to use any industrial earmuffs.

Transform your headphones into speakers

There are times when you wish to listen to music from speakers, but at the moment, you just have earbuds in your hands. So here is a hack of transforming your earbuds into speakers. All you have to do is; get some paper cups, tape, and toothpicks. It will not change headphones in some high pitch speakers but can make the music feel more audible to a certain point.

Use of paracord 

One of the most annoying things is when our headphones are tangled into several cords, and you have to spend hours fixing them up. But one good way to save yourself some time is to fix them through a paracord. However, this hack may cause you to suffer from some loss of quality, but it’s an excellent solution to have a pair of earbuds that are travel-friendly and cheap.

Keep your headphones clean.

It may sound uncomfortable, but this is the fact that our headphones do get dirty due to the oil and earwax they get exposed to. We all prefer that our headphones remain clean in terms of hygiene and sound quality. There are several ways through which we can keep our headphones neat and clean. You can clean them by simply wiping them with a bit of hand wash or using a toothbrush to clean the metal part in case it’s dirty.

Transform the cables into a proper zipper case

If the paracord method doesn’t work in your favor, this can help you out immensely. All you need is a long zipper from any of the clothing items and sewing chops, then wrap the cables in the zipper. In this way, headphones will remain tangle-free and will also be in the form of a small case suitable for your MP3 player and phone.

Enjoy the best sound by fixing headphones correctly in your ears

Even if your headphones are of the best quality, they can still cause a little trouble in getting the best sound. So ensure that you use the right earbud size and opt for the ‘lobe tug’ way for fixing them in ears. Moreover, if you are using some kind of iPod earbuds, follow the insertion method given to get the best out of it.

These doable hacks can help you get a fantastic sound experience from your headphones.

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