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The Top 8 Errors to Avoid When Choosing a Landscape Contractor

When it comes to hiring a landscape professional, there are a few frequent mistakes that homeowners make. This article will assist you in identifying a contractor who is a good fit for you and your project, as well as warning signs that they may not be the best person for the job. This goes for all contractors, not just landscape when it comes to hiring.

Finding a contractor may be done in a variety of ways. One of the finest ways is to get a job through a reference. Asking a friend, a neighbor, or a baseball player who has previously worked with that landscape contractor will put you ahead of the game. You may also find a contractor by looking at their vehicles, checking the internet, or advertising on billboards, mailers, or social media. Before you call a contractor, learn about them so you can ask the correct questions and get a sense of who they are as a firm.

Continue reading to learn about the most common blunders made by homeowners

Customer Reviews That Aren’t True

You’ve decided to create a patio and are looking for a hardscape business on Google. You come across a firm that has received all FIVE-STAR ratings and decide to hire them. When they arrive at your house, you are taken aback to see them driving a beat-up pickup vehicle, wearing cut-off denim shorts, shoes, a ragged t-shirt, and spewing chewing tobacco all over the place. Were those 5-star ratings unreal? YES! So, how did it go? If there is only one five-star review for the contractor, the overall rating will be 5 stars.

That one glowing recommendation may have been from a friend, a family member, an employee, or even the contractor himself! It’s critical to seek out contractors with a high number of reviews and an overall rating of 4 to 5 stars. A few imperfect scores are a positive sign that the reviews are genuine. Some negative feedback is inescapable, and no company can please all of its consumers all of the time. What matters is how the company tackles the problems. Examine the bad reviews more closely to evaluate if the concerns are justified and how the company responds to rectify the situation.

There is no active presence on social media.

If a contractor uses social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, it demonstrates that they are eager in remaining current with technology and be connected with their consumers. If they’re behind the times in terms of technology, you have to ask if they’re behind the times in terms of the tactics and technologies they utilize in their primary business. Companies that utilize social media platforms should update their profiles on a regular basis to highlight their initiatives and show off their staff.

A company that values its people and its work will have happier employees who work hard to produce exceptional results. Companies may also use social media to present their employees to their customer base. This allows clients to get to know the individuals that work at their house, even if the homeowner isn’t there. Uniformed employees convey professionalism even before they set foot on your premises. Uniforms also help to build trust among your neighbors by letting them know who is working nearby.

There is no receptionist. When you dial the number

Is there someone on the other end of the line? The majority of landscaping firms do not employ a receptionist. Calls are answered by the owners and field workers. Calls may go unanswered while they are on the job site, and if they do respond, are they answering calls, becoming distracted, and not focusing on YOUR project? As a consumer, you’ll want to deal with a firm that can respond to your call quickly, especially if it’s an emergency.

Calls are not returned in a timely manner

Even if there are receptionists on duty, phone lines might become congested, and you may be sent to an answering machine. You should receive a call back within 24 hours if this occurs. We feel that what we offer at Rototiller Guy is an experience, not merely a job or a service. A contractor may know how to execute their work, but if the customer is always waiting for a response, the project might become a nightmare for them.

Businesses in the Early Stages

Startups are fantastic. They are the American dream’s hope. We were also a start-up in 1994, therefore we respect entrepreneurs who can establish businesses from the ground up. Startups, on the other hand, are inherently hazardous undertakings. It’s in your best interests to find out if that danger will apply to your project as well. Will a startup firm be around to make good on a $30,000 hardscape project with a five-year warranty if they’ve only been in business for one year? Do they produce quality projects that will endure that long?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 45 percent of companies will fail during the first five years. You’re on your own if they fail during the first two or three years. It is not just a question of danger, but also one of the resources. Startup businesses are recognized for operating on a shoestring budget. Will they have the personnel to answer the phone, the knowledge and skills to provide you with the answers you need, skilled staff to complete the project, and the total resources to offer a long-term partnership rather than simply a job?

You may think you’re saving money, but you’re actually losing more. You’ve lost your mind’s calm.

Contractors Who Aren’t or Aren’t Enough Insured

This is one of the areas where small businesses or independent landscape will scrimp. Let’s say you needed a tree service to remove a massive oak tree from near your home. You choose a bid from a man who appears to be a trustworthy individual who is capable of performing the job. Unfortunately, the tree lands on your house by mistake. That’s when you find out he doesn’t have insurance to cover your home’s damage.

You are responsible for the expense if he is unable to fund it out of pocket. The repairs will be your responsibility. Your responsibilities don’t end there. You may be responsible for damages, including medical costs and lost pay if an uninsured or underinsured contractor is hurt on your premises. This is one of the ways that a lesser bid might wind up costing you a lot more money in the long run. Before you hire a landscape contractor, make sure you have a copy of their insurance certificate and find out whether they have Workmen’s Compensation. Is there a safety committee in existence at the firm, and do they do regular safety training?

Demanding a 100 percent payment upfront

If you are required to pay in full upfront, this should raise red flags in your mind. You have no influence over the contractor if you pay the complete amount up ahead. They may appear on the first day, but it may be the last time you see them. They are no longer driven to finish the project once the money is in the bank. The project may be completed eventually, but it may be substantially delayed or spread out over time.

For your approval, there is no motivation to produce the best work possible. Some contractors may offer you a discount if you pay the entirety of the project cost in advance. Do not be enticed by such reductions unless they are for ongoing services such as lawn mowing or material expenditures on a project. A payment plan in which the overall cost is divided up into periodic installments paid once project milestones are fulfilled is fairer. This offers you some clout if the job isn’t finished according to the contract’s terms.

Contractors that don’t look after their employees

The people who work for a firm are its lifeblood. Landscape Contractors companies that look after their employees are more likely to take care of their consumers as well. Do the landscape contractors you’re thinking about hiring for your project look after their employees? Employees that are happy at work are more loyal, enjoy their jobs, and produce high-quality work. How can you determine if a firm values its employees? Their social media and website are excellent resources for learning more about them.

Look for pictures showing the staff at work, in training, or having a good time at workplace social events, among other things. You’ll be able to tell whether a firm invests in keeping its personnel happy and proudly displays their achievements. Do they offer training so that employees may enhance their abilities, grow their careers, and earn more money? This should be taken into consideration while evaluating landscape contractors.

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