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The ultimate guide to commercial cleaning services: reasons, benefits and cost

Business owners understand the importance of an efficient workplace and a healthy, productive workforce. Many organisations focus heavily on operational activities, but the cleanliness of the workplace is often not considered a high priority. Business owners are responsible for ensuring that staff are kept safe and healthy. One way to do this is to ensure that the working environment is clean, sanitised, and functional. Right commercial cleaning services will provide this level of hygiene in your workspace. In many commercial businesses, owners believe that the employees themselves should perform cleaning tasks. 

However, when an employer relies on staff to keep the workplace clean, it can result in a poor cleaning outcome and negatively affect staff morale. With large companies, health and safety are paramount. Regular cleaning is needed with many people using their premises that have a high level of footfall. This guide looks at the benefits of commercial cleaning services and how to choose the right company for you. However, before you think of hiring commercial cleaners in Melbourne, let us discuss all the factors to understand commercial cleaning to the core.

Businesses covered by commercial cleaning services

Professional commercial cleaning services are necessary for any business, whether big or small. Companies that offer office cleaning services specialise in corporate buildings and offices. Here are some other commercial establishments covered by commercial cleaning services:

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports venues
  • Government agencies
  • Schools, universities, and daycare
  • Hotels and hospitality establishments

Other industries are subject to more stringent standards of hygiene and require the services of industrial cleaning and disinfecting companies:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Medical clinics
  • Manufacturing facilities

The places that most need cleanliness are restaurants, hospitals and other public places where many people gather. These establishments must deal with the inevitable pollution in areas with high foot traffic. Additional problems include airborne viruses and bacteria that can harm people’s health and well-being. Failure to meet cleanliness and hygiene standards can harm these establishments because they may look unsanitary or smell unpleasant, which is an advantage for attracting customers. Therefore, if you run a business where cleanliness is crucial, you would be wise to allocate resources for expert office cleaning services.

Benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning services can benefit a business in many ways. Let us talk about the top advantages of hiring commercial cleaning services:

Boosts productivity

The cleanliness of one’s workplace directly impacts employees’ health, morale, and productivity. Well-maintained facilities engender tremendous respect for the organisation and its mission from employees. This, in return, leads to a more substantial commitment to the organisation’s goals and objectives. In addition, more time is spent working on projects due to an improved work environment, which ultimately leads to more significant revenues for your business. In addition, maintaining a high level of cleanliness will help decrease the risk of lawsuits related to accidents or injuries at workplaces due to poor sanitation.

Exhibits a good impression

A clean office gives a good first impression to clients and keeps customers happy. Customers or clients find a clean office environment fresh and feel comfortable working with you. Unpleasant odours make them uncomfortable, so they do not want to return. Cleaning your office regularly shows your customers you are serious about your business. If your office is dirty all the time, potential customers will turn away from doing business with you. Thus, you should trust a reliable commercial cleaning company in Melbourne to ensure that your space gets the best cleaning services.

Saves time and money

In a short time, professional cleaners can complete the cleaning tasks you or your employees would take longer. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the job will be completed more accurately because the cleaners are trained professionals. Hiring commercial cleaning services saves you time that could be used to focus on other tasks beneficial to your business. In addition, not having to do routine cleaning enables your employees to work more efficiently and productively. It also removes the need for them to purchase cleaning equipment. Hiring a professional company for office cleaning saves money because they offer affordable service rates.

Prevent office shutdowns

Companies that do not prioritise the cleanliness of their facilities are taking a significant risk. Recent events have shown that businesses can lose money if they do not maintain a sanitary environment for their customers and staff. Not only do these companies lose money from being forced to shut down during outbreaks of illness, but they also lose customers due to a poor reputation in the local community. If people hear that a business had to shut down due to health issues among staff, they will be hesitant to frequent that establishment in the near future. The cost of hiring cleaners to spend several hours per day at your business each year will likely be less than the cost of shutting down for several days due to illness among staff. Similar shutdowns may result from failing annual health inspections.

How to find the most suitable commercial cleaning company?

So, now that you know the advantages of investing in commercial cleaning services, it is time to find the right commercial cleaning company to take responsibility for your sanitation business. But how will you find the most suitable cleaning expert when numerous cleaning companies are in the market? Let’s find out.

Here are the top 4 tips for choosing the best commercial cleaning company in Melbourne:


When choosing a commercial cleaning company, looking for one with a reputation for high-quality services is helpful. An excellent way to assess this is to check reviews of the company’s website and social media pages for testimonials. Additionally, ask the company for references from their clients – if possible, contact these references personally and find out how satisfied they are with their cleaning services.


The longer a commercial cleaning company has been in business, the more experienced it will be and the more capable it will be of handling any issues that may arise. You should also find out what type of clients the company services and how many of them it has. Generally, a cleaning company with years of relevant experience will have established systems and are competent in handling any issues that may arise.


You can ask the commercial cleaning company to provide you with a list of certifications. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) requires certification as a condition of membership and sets standards that companies must maintain to avoid expulsion. By appointing a commercial cleaning company that is ISO certified, you can be confident they can and will provide services of the highest possible standard.

Services offered

When you’re looking for a company to perform the cleaning tasks of your space, you should always look for one willing to customise its offerings to suit your needs. Hence, investing in a commercial company that is flexible enough to adjust to your business needs and demands is better. 

Questions to ask before choosing a commercial cleaning company

To ensure you hire a cleaning company that will be able to fulfil your needs and expectations, you can ask for a detailed quote. You can also ask the following questions to determine their experience and expertise:

Do they have experience in providing services to a business similar to yours? 

Ask your potential cleaner for the name of their last client and how long they worked for that client. If the cleaner works with a company in your area, you might have patronised one of the establishments they cleaned for. You can contact those previous clients and ask for feedback about the cleaning company’s performance.

What are the services included in the commercial cleaning package? What more can they do for your business?

Before signing a contract, ask the cleaning company if they can meet the needs of your business, such as if your location is prone to accumulating dirt and soot or if your building has a dome skylight. Also, you should check if they can offer you a customised solution.

How much and how will they charge for their commercial cleaning services?

The cost of commercial cleaning service will vary from provider to provider, so it’s essential to consider the value you’ll gain from each company before making a final decision. If a company charges less than other providers, it may be due to poorer quality services and a lack of experience. It would help if you also ask for the breakdown of the charges to understand each service’s price better.

How much do commercial cleaning services cost?

A commercial cleaning service considers several factors when calculating its prices. Since each business or workplace is different, several key factors should be considered when reviewing price quotes for services. These include:

  • The area of your commercial space.
  • How frequently do you require cleaning
  • Your custom cleaning needs
  • Time of cleaning 

Before you begin getting your space professionally cleaned, you should have a clear idea of what level of service you require.


So, this guide will help you understand the reasons and benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company to keep your space clean. A professional team of cleaners will use all the latest techniques like green cleaning to keep your space neat. All you have to do is find the right commercial cleaning company to understand your needs and give you the convenience you deserve. An effective way to guarantee such an advantage for your business is when you hire the best commercial cleaners in Melbourne. A team of best-trained cleaners who have worked in the cleaning industry for many years. The cleaners should be comfortable in cleaning all types of commercial spaces.

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