The Ultimate Legal Stationery Supplies Checklist

There are 1,327,910 active resident attorneys in America in 2021. Most resumed practicing their job in the comfort of their homes. Also, new attorneys weren’t able to enjoy working in an office.

You might have already observed the gradual ease of public health protocols today. Most office workers can now work on-site. If you own a law firm or are planning to open one, office stationery supplies are necessary.

Do you want to have a stationery supplies checklist? Take a look at the must-have law office supplies to stock up for your office.

Pens and Pencils

Lawyers work long shifts and invest a significant number of hours at their desks in the office. They often write notes and review case documents. Thus, writing tools are one of the essential legal stationery supplies.

Lawyers must be able to reach for pens and pencils in their desks at any time to take down notes. Although technology is available, handwriting gives better memory than typing.

Legal Pad Papers

Legal pads aren’t only for lawyers, regardless of what their name implies. Anyone with a job can use legal pads for writing tasks. Schools even make this their standard paper for their paper requirements.

A lawyer without a legal pad is a rare sight. Legal pads make note-taking convenient in court, office, or at lunch with clients. Given its importance, store up a few boxes of legal pad papers to supply your law firm.


Post-its allow lawyers to highlight areas on documents without writing on them. Lawyers also use sticky notes to mark areas that need a signature. Many lawyers also use them to remind essential tasks to do on a specific period.


An office printer is one of the best stationery supplies. While it’s true that lawyers often handwrite, they also need printers for documents. Documents that they submit in court must be legible.

Paper Fasteners

Paper fasteners can hold many sheets of paper and other legal materials together. Staples, paper clips, and rubber bands make you give importance to neatness and order. They’ll also save you time by easing your search for necessary paperwork on your desk.

Tabs or Folders

Another necessary law office stationery supplies you need are tabs or folders. There needs to be a better place to hold case documents when a lawyer finishes or pauses working on them. Papers should be in file folders, filed away in a filing cabinet.

It’s ideal for these folders to have legible labels. offers excellent custom-printed tabs to help you organize your files. See here to browse the available custom-printed tab offers for you.

Stock Up Stationery Supplies Now

If you’re planning to open your law firm for office use, above is a stationery supplies buying guide to consider. These are the essential stationery supplies your legal office needs. Check your supplies now and then for your office’s convenience.

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