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The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

Party planning can be a lot of work, but if you do it right, it’s something you can be proud of for years to come.  These are the top things to consider when planning your party: and why they matter.


Where are you throwing your event!  This decision matters above all else because it decides how much food you need, how many guests you can have, what type of entertainment is possible, and when you’ll be throwing the event.  There’s no such thing as a party without a location!  

Decide on your venue first, and consider if its size and style fit what you want for the event.


Who are you inviting to your party?  The guest list is a large decision because it ensures that not only the most important people are there but also others that you want to share this moment with.  Although you may feel like you have to invite some people to keep them from feeling angry or left out if they aren’t going to fit the energy of the party, or they’re going to make the people you’re throwing it for miserable, talk to the guests of honor (i.e., birthday person, or bride and groom) before inviting or not inviting them.


Any gathering should have food and drinks so that nobody gets hungry and decides to leave early.  Offer delicious foods that tie in with whatever theme or level of class you want for your party, and don’t be afraid to have fun with it!  Although pizza is classic party food, you don’t have to go to the classics.  Consider what your guests would like and how you can make that fun.


Nobody wants to go to a boring party.  Instead of this, try to spice things up with entertainment that will leave everyone excitedly talking about your party for eons after it’s over.  Although you can go for classic entertainment, like a DJ or party clown, it’s better to mix things up and keep them interesting.  Consider hiring something fun like contortionists or celebrity impersonators to keep your crowd smiling. 

The Timing

Timing is about more than just when you’re throwing your party!  This is also about how far ahead you plan your party!  It’s best to try and plan your party as far ahead as possible so that you can get through all of the stress early and be as ready for the event as possible when it finally comes.  This also ensures that you’re able to book the entertainment, caterers, venue, and guests you want while their schedule should still be open.

The Theme

Why are you throwing your party?  Although not every party is going to have an obvious theme, it’s important that you take the time to think about why the event is happening and what you can do to lean into that theme more.  Consider hiring live mermaids for a pirate-themed party or a Beatles cover band for a 1960s-themed party! 

Your Party Should Be Thoroughly Planned

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a graduation celebration: you need to make sure everything is planned perfectly.  Make sure to plan ahead and be as thorough as possible!

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