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The World Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic – Second Wave Catastrophe

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, our regular lifestyle has undergone drastic changes. Throughout the world, people practised social distancing, stayed indoors and adopted remote settings for education and work to break the transmission patterns.

The unprecedented challenges in education, public health, and the economy have left millions worldwide with an uncertain future.

  • Tens of millions have lost their job and are at the risk of going homeless and falling into extreme poverty.
  • Due to the challenges in the food systems, the number of undernourished people may increase by 132 million.
  • As millions of businesses fight to survive, 3.3 billion global workforces could lose access to health care, social protection, and assets.

However, there was a glimmer of hope when governments started rolling down vaccines. Governments began to ease Covid-19 restrictions and reopened different work sectors with varying guidelines, rules and timelines.

Some countries also reopened schools under strict regulations. Parks, malls, restaurants, and corporate offices reopened and tempted us to believe the worst is over. It’s time to get back to normalcy and do damage control.

Unfortunately, the battle was far from won. New Covid-19 cases were reported from every corner of the earth of different strain with new symptoms. According to experts, the new strain is much worse than the old one and may cause a “Tsunami of Death”.

The sudden uptick in new Covid-19 cases is severely damaging the health care system in countries like Brazil and India, where hundreds and thousands of new cases are reported each day.

Most countries cannot go under complete lockdown because of the falling economy. In India, where the medical system is at the brisk of collapsing due to the unprecedented rise in Covid-19 patients, governments impose partial lockdown in different states to break the chain and decrease the sudden spikes in Covid-19 deaths.

Effects Of The Second Wave On Healthcare


The devastating second wave of Covid-19 has left many countries in need of urgent medical help from nations with advanced medical facilities. Even after utilising different strategies to curtail the spread, some countries have already maxed out.

Hospital facilities and healthcare workers are under immense pressure as the medical supplies exceed the current demand. Hospitals and doctors are now forced to choose between whom to treat based on the criticality and success rate due to the lack of hospital beds, ICU beds, ventilators, oxygen, and vaccines.

For example, being the biggest vaccine maker globally, India has failed to vaccinate even 30% of the population. Poor medical infrastructure, bed availability, lack of oxygen cylinders and no access to necessary medications have left the country gasping for breath.

Although countries such as America, France, and the UK were “knee-deep” in the first wave, they are better prepared for the second wave with their world class healthcare networks. With the ongoing vaccination drive and partial lockdown at different time scales around the states, they aim to provide improved medical support to infected patients and control the outbreak.

Covid-19 Second Wave: Impact On Economy

Covid-19 Second Wave: Impact On Economy


The Covid-19 pandemic has severely damaged the global economy because of the travel, supply chain and trade restrictions – and is likely to increase with the extension of the limits. A UN development program predicts a US$220 billion dip in revenue in developing countries and believes the impact could last several years.

Still, experts believe the impact of the second wave may not impact the global economy compared to the first wave. Localised lockdowns, work-from-home protocols, e-commerce, online delivery of food and other essentials has helped countries somewhat revive their economy.

However, there’s a decline in different economic activities due to the localised lockdowns in many countries. Workers from retail, aviation, construction and hospitality face a significant setback due to various restrictions. The livelihood of daily wage workers is once again a key concern, especially with the partial lockdowns in major cities.

Fortunately, salaried employees are less likely to be affected by the ongoing second wave, as most companies have adjusted to the work-from-home protocol and switched to digital processes.

The second wave again throws thousands of job seekers in uncertain waters. Thankfully, the demand for talents has drastically increased in the healthcare sector. Recruiting managers are hiring skills from different work sectors to fulfil different job roles – be it digital marketing or technical position, thereby reducing unemployment and building a country’s economy.

 Impact Of Covid-19 Second Wave On Education

 Impact Of Covid-19 Second Wave On Education

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of schools, colleges and universities across the globe closed their doors and shifted to online classes. 85% of students pursuing higher studies abroad are continuing their studies virtually from home.

Even though most students have embraced the current changes in the education system, over 100 million students are still recovering from the disruption caused by the sudden school closures during the first wave – and the second wave is no different either.

UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition aims to mobilise lessons and continue learning for millions of students worldwide. Even professional writers, CDR report writers, assignment Help professors have adapted to the digital learning environment to support learning continuity.

All universities saw a dip in international students’ enrollments. Yet, they are more focused on keeping their students, professors and campus safe from the second wave of the virus. Once again digital learning system is to the rescue, whether for conducting online examinations, organising graduation ceremonies, or prepping students for virtual recruitment.


The second wave of Covid-19 has hit some countries harder than others. Although the magnitude of the damage varies by country, every country needs to follow the Covid-19 protocols as strictly as possible to avoid the worst. No matter how modern and up-to-date a country’s healthcare facility is, governments must increase vaccine drive in their countries and restrict the possibility of multiple waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. If not, countries will probably face what India and Brazil face now due to the lack of medical amenities, strict Covid-19 related protocols and, of course, the ignorance of the government.

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