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There are best firm list of laptop repair dubai

laptop repair dubai

If you’re thinking about laptop repair dubai and computer shop, the digital age has made it possible. It is hard to imagine a business today without a computer or laptop. In fact, most businesses are now online. And, with the introduction of GST, all companies, large and small, must make their GST-enabled software payments. is gone.

This had the effect that shopkeepers and large companies, who used to run their businesses without a computer bill, now have to use computers or laptops. This business is computer and laptop repair business. It’s growing in demand means that there are more job opportunities.

Talent is the key to success. You can also learn skills to run this business. Anyone can start this business by learning the skills. You don’t need to be educated if you’re not even interested. You can start your own repair business if you have at least eighteen or tenth grade.

Many of these institutions offer computer repair courses. This course is not expensive. This course is for anyone who wants to open a laptop repair and computer consulting business. This post will show you how to start a repair business.

What is a Computer and Laptop Repairing Business?

Computers and laptops are becoming more popular in all areas of life. This means that it is not uncommon to experience problems with your machine. Repair business is the name for this work.

Computers and laptops, dear friends, are made of both hardware and software. This business can be started by people who are skilled in both hardware and software.

Computers and laptops have many important data stored in them. This is why people visit specialist repair shops when there is a problem with the laptop or computer.

These skills are required to start a computer repair and maintenance business.

Friends, just like your skills are recognized in the job, so to can your skills be used in the business. This will help ensure that your business is profitable.

It is important to be able to repair laptops and computers before you start your business. These skills are essential:

Hardware information

There are many types of hardware for computers and laptops. Each type has a different function. It is important to know this information in order to start a repair business.

Language of laptop and computer

Friends, in order to repair laptop and computer, you need to be able to speak the language of these machines.

This skill is essential so that you can fix a customer’s computer or laptop if he brings it to you.

How to Repair a Laptop or Computer?

There are many learning opportunities available today, my friends. Online and offline courses can be taken to learn how to repair laptops and computers.

Laptop failure causes laptop to shut down

power cable: laptop power cable

The power cable can be a reason why your laptop won’t turn on, according to our experience.

If the power cable is damaged, power cannot flow into the charger. This is why the charger does not supply voltage to the laptop.

Your laptop isn’t turning on because it is simple. If your laptop isn’t charging, then how will it start. That is why your laptop won’t turn on even after you press the power button.

First, replace the power cord of your laptop charger. If they don’t start, then it is possible that the power cable is also damaged.

How to fix a laptop that won’t turn on

laptop charger

18Dc and 19Dc voltages flow through any laptop. If any electronic component of the charger becomes defective, the charger will not supply the required voltage.

This means that a laptop that requires 18 DC voltage to turn on and 12 DC, 8 DC, or both, will not turn on.

This means that it doesn’t get the voltage required and your laptop will become dead. “Laptop won’t turn on even when I press the power button.”

How to fix a hanging laptop. First, press the Ctrl + alt + delete buttons on your laptop’s keyboard to fix the hanging problem. Windows Task Manager will open after you click. You can simply see which programs consume the most RAM and CPU. You should immediately close any program that is not needed but takes up too much space.

If you close all of the programs and apps, your laptop will work as normal. If your laptop still isn’t working, you can restart it. After holding down the power button for a few seconds, turn on your laptop. Your laptop should now be working fine after restarting it. You can also fix this issue by updating your laptop. You must periodically update your bios to keep your laptop up-to-date. This will make it less likely that you’ll experience hanging problems.


We use charging of anyone who isn’t right. In addition, we often continue to play many different types of games on our laptops, which can lead to us having to spend a lot. High-powered charging is the only way to go.


Hardware can often cause a computer to shut down unexpectedly. If you have any new hardware installed in your computer’s system, you should remove it immediately. You can also add fan, motherboard, and RAM to your CPU. It’s worth a look.


It is common for computers and laptops to become too hot. If this happens, your computer or laptop will stop working. This can be avoided by keeping your laptop in a cool area, such as a room equipped with air conditioners. It will not suddenly stop working.


Antivirus is essential for your computer. Without it, many viruses can enter your system. This causes the system to fail and eventually, it will stop working. Antivirus is essential for your computer.

How to turn on your laptop

If your laptop does not turn on, press the power button again. Next time, check the power cable first and then the charger.

It is good to know how to use a multimeter. If not, click the link to read this article: “How to Use Multimeter”

laptop battery

You might be wondering how the battery will cause the laptop to die. However, it is true that there is a circuit inside the battery.

This battery helps to connect the cells in parallel. If they short-circuit, they can also short out the motherboard.

This means that the current doesn’t flow forward, and the laptop won’t start after you press the power button.

Our popular service – Washing Machine Repair

How to fix a laptop that won’t turn on

If your laptop does not turn on after you have tested the charger and cable, remove the direct battery from the case and then press the power button to start the laptop. This will allow you to check for any problems with the battery. Your laptop will turn on.

laptop power button

The power button can be used to turn on your laptop. For example, if you switch on the switch at home, the fan will turn on. If we turn it off the fan will turn off.

This means that the switch does the work of carrying voltage to the fan. The switch also cuts the voltage. In such a scenario, how can current flow through the fan if the switch is damaged?

The fan will not turn on if the current isn’t flowing. This is also true for laptops. If the power button on our laptop is defective, no voltage will flow to its motherboard and your laptop will die. Will it die?

How to fix a laptop that won’t turn on

The motherboard of your laptop isn’t getting power, and this is only because the power button is not working.

First, you need to verify that 3.3V is coming from the power button. If voltage is coming from power button, then you will need to check power button to confirm that 3.3V is not coming from power button. If this is the case, you will need to trace your motherboard.

motherboard top strip

A power strip’s job is to transmit voltage to the power button. Sometimes, however, the strip is cut in half.

Or, if the voltage goes out to your motherboard, in which event the power button won’t get the proper voltage and your laptop will die.

Check that you have unlocked your laptop before leaving. Approximately 45% of the dead laptops brought to our service center were locked by the power button or power strip.

How to fix a computer without a display

How to fix computer that won’t turn off

motherboard problem

Laptops can experience short circuit problems because many electronic components are included in the device.

These electronic components eventually start to have problems with heating or linking, and then the component is burned.

Or, it can go bad, and other components of your motherboard may also fail to work properly. Your laptop will not start after you press the power button.

Main problem with bios chips in laptops

The bios IC (programmer) is responsible for determining if your laptop’s power is on and the display isn’t at 60%.

This means that the IC contains information about the Motherboard. If this BIOS goes wrong, then you will have a problem with No Display.

EC Bios have also been added to the motherboards of 2 Bios, which are part of the series processor.

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