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Things That You Should Know Before Choosing a Fertility Specialist

Before and After Your Visit

If you are 34 years old or younger, you have been TTC without success for one year. For those who are 35 years or older, it is six months. You have decided that fertility treatment is something you want to do. How do you find a reproductive doctor to help you navigate IVF’s ups and downs, and help you have the baby you want fertility clinic.

Five things are important to remember when selecting a fertility specialist. Some of these you can discover before your first appointment, while others you will learn during or after your initial consultation.

What is the Fertility Clinic’s Success Ratio?

To view the true data of a particular fertility center, go to to the website of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. SART, which is a voluntary system that charges a fee for clinic statistics, receives data from 85% of US fertility centers. Nearly all fertility clinics report their results to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. SART gathers information about each center’s treatment and then reports it on their website. It is searchable. Don’t trust what a website for fertility clinics says. You can see the data on the SART website and go to the source. Some fertility clinics can show high success rates through measures like clinical pregnancy. The only thing that matters is live birth rates take the average live birth rate for your age as a guideline.

Be aware, however, that clinics’ success rates may be higher if they refuse older women and more complex cases. You should not take the live birth rate as a guideline, but it can give you an idea of how their treatment works. Consider more than one year of data. How long has the clinic been open? What is their track record? Are they consistent?

What is the reputation of Fertility Specialists in Canada?

Your OB/GYN could recommend a specialist for you. Ask the doctor why they recommended this physician. You can also research the area online. You might also consider looking into in-network specialists if your insurance covers fertility treatment. Is there any research done by the reproductive endocrinologist? Does she teach at a university? Does he/she have fellowship training? How many years of experience does she have? Younger doctors may have more advanced treatments and technology than older doctors, but older doctors can make better judgments and have seen it all.

How convenient is the Fertility Center

This is a common saying in real estate. Once your IVF cycle starts, you will need to return to the fertility clinic several times over two weeks to be monitored. Some centers offer a central laboratory and a surgical suite. Others have monitoring offices located in more remote areas. If you live outside of a big metropolitan area, you might not have many options and have to travel quite some distance to receive fertility treatment. It doesn’t matter where you live; it is possible to find a fertility center that operates during the day, night, or weekends. This way, you won’t miss work. Find out if the fertility center has a concierge who can help with booking hotel rooms or other travel arrangements. Some IVF centers can even accommodate foreign patients.

What is the Office Staff like?

Your right as a patient is to be treated with respect; your questions answered, and treated as an individual. Is it friendly or formal? Are they patient and friendly with all your concerns and questions? You don’t want to feel like Patient Number Nothing. Access to mental health and emotional support should be possible. Fertility treatment involves a lot of emotions. Your clinic should be able and willing to address your concerns.

Are you looking for a fertility clinic in your area?

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center can assist you if you are ready to pursue IVF treatment. Our Professionally-trained Patient Specialists can help you find an excellent reproductive endocrinologist in your area and get discounted treatment packages and financing options.

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