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We all know how finding a house can be a difficult process, wrapped around the thoughts about which one to go for- flat? Builder floor? Which apartment? And many more.

If you are in the middle of hunting for an apartment for yourself preparing beforehand what things to look out for will make this quest easy.

Regardless of what you are searching for-rent or for buying, here is the list of things that should be on your priority while house hunting.

Determine your budget

Before you start looking for a house, it is important to determine the budget to shortlist the property which you can afford. By calculating rent or your buying budget you will be able to determine what kind of property will be suitable. You can calculate your budget by determining the number of bedrooms you require, locality, and monthly income.

Also add moving cost in your budget as well, the cost of moving and shifting things from one location to another, truck rents, and packaging.

Check the parking space

Parking space is an essential factor to be considered before making a decision. You need a secured and proper space for parking your vehicle. Do not just assume, ask your landlord or agent about the parking availability.

Here are few things you should ask

  • -will parking be assigned
  • -is the parking secured
  • -in case there is outside parking, how secure will it be
  • -how many spaces can you access
  • -how is guest parking handled

Check if pets are allowed

In case you have a pet at home, it is important to check if the apartment comes with a pet policy. the policy must be properly enlisted in your agreement to avoid any future hassles. Also, check if you would require to put down some extra deposit for bringing a pet along with you.

Ask for the security arrangements

It is important to check what kind of security is provided in the apartments for rent in Birmingham. How many guards, cameras, anti-theft locks, or deadbolts installed on each floor? Check if there has been any breach in security or theft that happened previously.

Also make sure that locality is secure as well with well-lit street lights, police stations nearby, and crime statistics over the year.

With so many amenities provided these days choosing which one to go for can be difficult. Getting an apartment with all the amenities can be difficult and can be pricey. Here are a few essential amenities that you should look out for.

Are these amenities free?

Yes, mostly these facilities are free and are added to attract potential customers. However, many landlords include providing this facility in your rent amount. Every landlord to attract the renters try to include maximum amenities, therefore explore around and look which landlord is providing you better facilities within your budget.

Do check the amenities provided 

Having some good amenities can raise your apartment living experience. Many apartments come with facilities of a gym, swimming pool, badminton court, and many others. For enjoying such amenities people do not shy away from spending a few extra bucks for buying or renting the place.

Here are few amenities that you should look out for

  • -gym
  • -swimming pool
  • -parking
  • -balcony
  • -energy-efficient appliances
  • -community hall

Be thorough about the agreement before signing it

Before you sign the agreement it is important to check out what all clauses are included in it. In case you are renting check the lease agreement and check things that come under you and the responsibility of the landlord.

Before signing the check out, current rent rate, what kind of amenities and utility are included in the agreement? The duration of agreement and policies related to the situation in case agreement is broken.

To sum up

By checking off the above-mentioned points you can make this process easy and secure. You might feel a little overwhelmed searching for the right apartment for yourself, however, these tips will allow you to make a wise decision.

For your apartment searching, always go for reliable and trustworthy real estate projects like ATS Allure and ATS Triumph, which provide all the essential amenities that make living more enjoyable and comfortable.

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