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Things to Do in Dubai – What to Do on Your Holidays to Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai are limitless. This cosmopolitan city is an excellent place for sightseeing and an exciting tourist destination with many things to do. Dubai is the only seven-star hotel group in the world and is home to some of the most lavish buildings in the world. A stay in Dubai gives you all the luxuries of a high-class lifestyle without the hassles.

What to do in Dubai

What to do in Dubai, then, is anything and everything you want to do! One attraction you must not miss when you visit Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel and Casino. This is where the famous movie and series Star Wars were filmed.

The star of the show, recognizable as Princess Leia, can be found in the hotel, alongside other prominent film stars. This allure has made this attraction one of the most popular things to do in Dubai, along with the world-renowned aquarium, the Blue Man Group.

Other attractions are of more local interest. The Creek, the largest manmade lake in the world, abounds with a whole array of interesting activities and facilities. For water enthusiasts, the Creek boasts two manatees, a water park and several restaurants with beachside cafes. There are also several theme parks in Dubai. These include the Wild Wadi Water Park and the Al Boom Waterpark.

If you are into amusement with more of a family-oriented atmosphere, then you should not miss things to do in Dubai’s Legoland. Legoland is located on the north coast of the city and is known for its wonderful water park and its indoor safari-themed restaurants.

Theme Parks

The theme park is split into three sections namely: Trader village, Nant Abu and Animal Kingdom. If you want to experience something fun and adventurous, then you should definitely go on these three attractions. However, if you want a quieter experience and you do not have much time to enjoy the Legoland attractions, then you can simply visit the water park and enjoy some roller coasters.

The second most visited theme park in Dubai is the Jumeirah water park. Built-in the 1930s, Jumeirah became the first Arab themed water park in the region. It has since become a major tourist attraction and draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

This tourist attraction is split into three sections namely: Promenade of the Islands, Marine Drive and the Desert Safari. The Marine Drive section features a number of impressive ships and boats that take visitors to an exciting sea journey while the Desert Safari provides visitors with an opportunity to see and experience the different wildlife of the UAE.

Apart from these popular tourist attractions, there are also many other things to do in Dubai Parks. The Ski Resort is probably the most well-known one here. Skiable snow slides and other exciting games and activities can be enjoyed at this ski resort. Some of the best snow slopes in the world can be found here. Another exciting thing about this ski resort is the Aabara Water Park situated within its premises. Here, tourists can enjoy water slides, snowboarding and various other activities.

The third most visited theme park in Dubai is the Gold Souk. The Gold Souk is home to some of the most exotic coins and precious metals that are worth a fortune. Alwan gold, Burj al Arab silver, Dubai gold and much more are sold here. These precious items form an integral part of the Dubai cultural and business life. Some of the most famous coin collections include the Dubai Diamond Crown, Dubai Gold Souk and the Abu Dhabi Diamond Souk.

Moving on, the fourth most visited attraction in Dubai is the old Dubai museum which houses some of the world’s greatest collections. This museum has some of the oldest items dating back to the eighteenth century. A tour of the old Dubai village is also one of the most interesting things to do in Dubai. It takes tourists on a walking tour of the village, pointing out some of its most beautiful houses and buildings. At the end of the tour, one can buy souvenirs and souvenir gifts. This tour is not much shorter than a one-day walk around the village itself.

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