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Things to see in Morocco

Things to see in Morocco

Things to see in Morocco

To visit Morocco is to immerse yourself in a fascinating culture and go back in time. We are lucky to have it very close, so we have visited it several times and we are already looking forward to returning. We tell you what are, for us, the essential places to see in Morocco that can not miss on your route through the country.

On your visit to Morocco, They ask you to please not ride So you can Let’s put an end to the mistreatment industry. Animals suffer unnecessary suffering, they are under the sun all day with almost no water or food, walking several km, with wire muzzles that hurt them without being able to open their mouths all day long and a long etc. You have a pair of good legs, use them. Let’s continue promoting and practicing responsible tourism and animal care. For the desert tours, you can choose to do them on quads.


10 must-sees and things to do in Morocco


1. Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco

Chefchaouen is one of the most unique and picturesque cities in Morocco, which is striking for the intense blue colour of each and every one of its streets. It is a place to walk around calmly, get lost in its narrow streets and take pictures of every corner. In Uta El Hammam, the main square, you will find the red walls of the kasbah, a fortress and dungeon of the fifteenth century with ethnographic exhibitions and works of art, a place full of inspiration to visit in Morocco.

The blue pearl is one of the cities to see in Morocco that can not miss in your itinerary through this fascinating country.

2. Marrakech, the most visited city in Morocco

One of the four imperial cities of this wonderful country and one of the most touristic is Marrakech and the truth is that we are not surprised at all, because it is a place full of magic and exoticism. The city is enchanting from the moment you set foot in it. Walk through its colourful and bustling souk, have a coffee in some of the terraces of Jamaa el Fna, stroll through the Majorelle gardens or visit its mosques and palaces are some of the things you can do during your visit to the city.

3. Asilah, Morocco’s Atlantic jewel

In the north of Morocco lies the small coastal town of Asilah, one of our favorite places in the country.
Its white streets with blue and green doors are decorated with murals that adorn every corner, a place to see in Morocco that will definitely make art lovers fall in love. In addition, in Asilah you will find plenty of craft stores that bring even more color to the city by displaying their products.

Not for nothing is it known as the jewel of the Moroccan Atlantic. So if you travel to Morocco in spring or summer, do not hesitate to include it in your itinerary.

4. Tangier, the former Spanish protectorate of Morocco

Between the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean lies Tangier, a perfect city for lovers of decadence. Its streets with peeling walls, in which you can sense a colorful past, spread over a hill and the ocean breeze sneaks through its labyrinthine alleys to impregnate it with the smell of the sea.

Shopping in the large and small souk, strolling through the streets of the Kasbah, having tea at the majestic Continental Hotel and enjoying the gastronomy of the city are some of the things that will make you want to return there again and again.

5. Tetouan

Known as the “white dove”, this northern Moroccan city has one of the best preserved Medinas in the country.

There you will hardly find tourists, so you can learn more about its culture and way of life of its inhabitants who come every morning to the food market or tannery to do their shopping.

Tetouan is one of the most authentic cities to visit in Morocco, that is why it is one of the cities that is in our top of this beautiful country.

6. Take a trip to the desert of Merzouga

One of the most incredible destinations to visit in Morocco is probably the Merzouga desert. Its endless sea of dunes changes color and shape depending on the daylight and the wind. We assure you that watching a sunset or sleeping under the starry night is one of the best experiences you can live in Morocco.

7. Visit Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou

This impressive village of unpronounceable name is located in Ouarzazate. Its clay and adobe houses have been the setting for several films. There it seems that time has stopped and calm reigns among its streets, although it is only 200 kilometers from Marrakech. The Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou can not miss if you are doing the route of the thousand kasbahs of Morocco.

8. Fez

Fez is another must-see city in Morocco, which has the largest medina in the world declared a World Heritage Site. Strolling for hours through its streets, shopping in its souks, visiting its tannery and its mosques are some of the things you can do in Fez. A city where mass tourism has not yet arrived and that can be enjoyed calmly.

9. Marvel at the Todra Gorges

The Todra Gorges are one of the most impressive canyons in Morocco. They were formed as a result of the erosion produced by the water of the river that resulted in a huge canyon with vertical walls of about 300 meters high and a distance of fewer than 10 meters between them. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful natural landscape that can not miss on your visit to Morocco, especially if you are fond of hiking.

10. Enjoy the Skoura palm grove

The Skoura palm grove is another must-see in Morocco. It is the result of the oasis that the Almohad sultan Yaqub al-Mansur ordered to build in the middle of the desert. There you will find a large number of kasbahs, some of which are luxurious hotels where you can stay and feel like a real sultan for a day.


Morocco, scene of a thousand and one adventures
I remember it was already a decade ago when I decided to finally travel to Morocco and answer all those questions I had about the neighboring country. And I did it alone, renting an old Renault Kangoo and reaching the dunes of Merzouga to celebrate the new year sitting on the sand to count stars. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the endless bustle of the Jemaa el-Fna Square in Marrakech, to kick up dust on the kasbahs route, to drink mint tea in Essaouira or to drive aimlessly through the lost villages of the Berbers in the Moroccan Middle Atlas. And of course I went back to Morocco right away.

I did it year after year, in some of them several times, to continue enjoying those places that allowed me to break completely with the routine. So it was Fez, Meknès and Casablanca, then Rabat, Asilah, Chaouen and many other fantastic places in which to put an exotic parenthesis to anodyne weeks. For a long time, traveling to Morocco became my best medicine and I recommend Morocco Tour Operator agency they are so friendly and great organization.

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