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Things We Need to Consider Before Buy A Steam Cleaner

People are becoming more conscious of the harmful effects of chemicals on their indoor environments and searching for chemical-free, natural cleaning options. Steam upholstery cleaner can be a great eco-friendly appliance for cleaning your home, office or warehouse. They are safe and effective, but do not use chemicals that could cause harm to your indoor air quality or your overall health.

The following list will make it easy to find the articles in this article:

  • What is Steam Cleaning?
  • Steam cleaner applications
  • Dimension and efficiency
  • Cost and considerations
  • Extra Features
  • Maintenance and life span
  • Health-Intentional Cleaning
  • Safety precautions
  • Questions
  • Additional Resources

What is Steam Cleaning or Function of Steam Cleaner?

Vapor steam cleaners use ordinary tap water to create dry steam. This steam is strong enough to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from your skin. The steam cleaners have internal boilers that heat water up to 325 degrees F. This super-hot steam can be used to penetrate tiny pores on many surfaces. Plus, cleaning with steam allows you to sanitize and deodorize surfaces more quickly and effectively than liquid cleaning detergents.Traditional deep cleaning systems combine chemical detergents with water to remove unwanted contaminants. It may remove dirt but it can also cause damage to your indoor environment by adding chemicals and wet spots. Dry vapor steam cleaning systems are able to clean without the use of chemicals and leave no wet residue. The steam is created using very little water and dries quickly. Same function is also applied with carpet cleaning machines.

Unlike liquid cleaners and sponges, which can transfer contaminants to other areas during cleaning, steam cleaners reduce cross-contamination. Many contaminants thrive in moist environments making it difficult to clean up after them. Because steam cleaners remove dirt and grime, kill bacteria, viruses, germs and other contaminants, there is no risk that these contaminants can be transferred to other surfaces.

Steam cleaner applications

You can use versatile steam cleaning systems to clean many surfaces including:

Living Rooms

  • Hardwood floors that are sealed
  • Cotton upholstery
  • Leather upholstery
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Smooth concrete floors
  • Carpet spot cleaning and rug area rugs
  • Pet zones


  • Vinyl tile and linoleum floors
  • Ovens and stovetops
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Sinks, faucets and drains
  • Cabinets and countertops sealed in oil-based paint


  • Bathroom fixtures in porcelain and chrome
  • Doors and shower stalls
  • Fiberglass
  • Sealed quarry slate, natural stone, tile grout, and ceramic tile

Windows & Window Treatments

  • Vertical blinds are available in levelor, Venetian and horizontal styles
  • Windows
  • Window screens
  • Window frames painted with oil-based paint

Ceilings and walls

  • Ventilators for ceiling and wall vents
  • Ceilings and walls with wallpapered or sealed panels
  • Ceilings and walls with acoustic tiles


  • Exterior detailing and interior cleaning of buses, boats and cars

You can also use your steamer to clean smaller jobs such as polishing jewelry, dusting plants, waxing hard floors and cleaning equipment. You can also use them to defrost freezers, remove unwanted vegetation, and eliminate algae from decks and other exterior wood surfaces.

Dimension and efficiency

A steam mop is an excellent choice for small apartments and homes that have pets. These small steam mop are great for spot cleaning and cleaning multiple surfaces. The majority of steam mops can be carried around easily and are lightweight. They produce steam in a matter of seconds.

The Bissell PowerFresh pet lift-off steam mop, Bissell 19404 PowerFresh pet steam mop, and Bissell Symphony vacuum and steam mop are ideal for homes with pets. They have superior cleaning power to remove pet stains. There’s a steamer for every task, whether you want to clean a stain from your rug or disinfect hospital beds and floors. There are many steam cleaners available for both commercial and home use.

A more robust steam cleaning system is better for larger homes. It will keep your home clean and free of chemicals. These systems use high-capacity boilers to produce steam that kills germs up to 298 degrees F. They also provide continuous steam cleaning power for longer times. The Reliable Brio Plus Continuous Filter Steam Cleaner and Australia Steam Machines, for example, have a continuous steam ability as well as a rugged design that allows for greater versatility. You can also find more accessories for residential vapor steam cleaners than steam mop to aid you in tackling a wide range of cleaning tasks. For efficient cleaning, the Steam Cleaner includes 15 cleaning accessories: a rectangular brush and an eight-foot flexible cleaning hose. There are also brass + nylon brushes, microfibers, and many other cleaning accessories.

Commercial and industrial settings like hospitals, restaurants, and hotels require more steam cleaning power than residential settings. This product is designed for commercial environments where disinfecting is essential.

Cost and considerations of Steam Cleaner

Like any appliance purchase cost and performance are important considerations. Steam cleaners are no different. These questions will help you choose the steam cleaner that best suits your cleaning needs.

  • What size is your cleaning area?
  • What length of time do you require continuous cleaning power?
  • Are you looking for additional attachments to your cleaning tools, such as a jet nozzle or window cleaner?
  • What are your special features?
  • Are you looking for a steamer that can disinfect?
  • Are you looking for a steamer to reduce allergy symptoms and chemical sensitivity (MCS), in your home or workplace?
  • How much do you have to spend?
  • Is maintenance the primary concern?

Extra Features

Steam cleaning doesn’t just provide sparkling clean floors and countertops. Today’s steam cleaners have many user-friendly features. Many steam cleaners have features that make cleaning easier. For example, you can adjust the amount steam that is delivered to surfaces with your fingertips. There are also indicators lights that indicate when you need to add water or when you need to turn off the steamer. A locking system for attachments is another great feature that can prevent accidental burns.

Maintenance and lifespan Steam Cleaner

It is easy to keep your steam cleaner in peak condition and prolong its life. Depending on the model, requirements may vary, but most steam cleaners can be used with regular tap water. It’s a good idea for steam cleaners to be filled with 50 percent tap water and half distilled water if you live in an area that has hard water. This will prevent your system from forming hard water mineral deposits that can decrease cleaning effectiveness.

Don’t give steam cleaners an extra boost. Let the heat do its job naturally. The majority of steam mop models require that water be removed from the tank at the end of each use. The steam mop’s surface should be cleaned and oiled pads should be washed and dried gently. You should change the water filter on your steam mop as necessary. Some models have a filter indicator that changes color if the water filter has to be replaced.

We recommend that larger steam cleaning systems with boilers drain the water every 2-4 weeks. After drying, add fresh water. To prevent scale buildup, you can periodically add a descaling solution to the boiler.

Your residential steam cleaner should last for about five years, while an industrial steamer will last approximately eight years if it is maintained properly. Before you do any maintenance, make sure to consult the owner’s guide.

Cleaning for health-intentional reasons

Outdoor allergies can make it extremely uncomfortable, especially during peak allergen times. Indoor allergens such as dust mites and fleas can cause severe allergic reactions. These annoying allergens can be eliminated by steam cleaning without using toxic chemicals.

To eliminate dust mites from your home, you can wash it in hot water at least 130 degrees F. You can also use a tannic-acid solution. This treatment can be difficult on carpets, mattresses, sofas, or other surfaces where dust mites are commonly found. The steam cleaners on the other side can safely deliver hot steam vapor at temperatures exceeding 180 degrees F to many upholstered surfaces without causing damage. Dry steam kills bed bugs, dust mites, and fleas. It leaves behind a fine mist that dries within minutes. The HEPA vacuum cleaner is able to remove all remaining allergens from these areas. It doesn’t leave behind any pungent odors or damage indoor air quality.

Safety precautions

You might find it frightening to think about cleaning your home with hot steam, which can reach temperatures up to 245 degrees F. It is crucial to evaluate safety features on steam cleaner models in order to get the best protection. These safety features are important to look for:

  • Automatic Overheat Shut Off: If the temperature is too high, this safety feature will turn off your steam cleaner.
  • Child Safety Locks: These locks are usually located on the steam cleaner handles and prevent children accidentally turning on the appliance and releasing steam.
  • Non-Pressurized Boiler

To ensure you don’t accidentally steam burn yourself or cause damage to your product, make sure that you read and follow all instructions before using your steam cleaning machine.

In Summary

Steam upholstery cleaners are highly rated for their ability to clean effectively without using chemicals. You can clean any surface in your house or office by heating tap water to high temperatures. There are many models available, from small steam mops to larger commercial models. You will need to decide what and where you want it to clean.

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