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Things You Should Avoid Putting Down Your Drain?

The story of every housing sums up in drainage clearance! And then there are things that people must abstain from washing down the drain. In this piece, you will find A-Z of Non-disposable drainage items. Maintain a foot distance from these clogging triggers and live life never before! If you are looking for experienced plumbing services, check out Pearla Plumbing.  

Margarine and butter residue

Butter residues bring clogs in our homes in the long term. Over time it creates a water-resistant layer that is hard to get rid of. Plus, the layer will keep on collecting more debris, making it impossible for the water to flow down. 

Utilized tea particles or coffee

It is widely known that tea leaves or crushed coffee beans are not entirely soluble in water. So, when pouring them down, mixed with oil and grease invites serious clogging overnight. Anything bigger than a minute unit can clog your pipe. 

Cooking grease

Cooking oil is one of the prime triggers of drainage clogging. When oil blends with food particles and dirt, it creates a gooey texture in the pipe wall. Even quit disposing of mayonnaise, salad dressing, and sauces down the drain. 

If you are facing clogging issues, search plumber northern beaches and resolve your issue in no time. 

Calcium carbonate

Eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate and are hardest to trim. Even garbage grinder cutters find it difficult to make it diminutive. After minute grounding, you can’t dispose of them in the sink as they can clog your drains. 

Boiled pasta

As noodles and pasta both retain water, once down the sink, they can expand with long usage of the sink leading to the blocked pipe. The sticky flour builds a layer accumulating more debris and grease. 


There is no such drainage issue in eliminating medicines in the drain, but environmentally we must refrain from repeating this. It is always advised to seal-pack and throw expired medications in the garbage can. 

Product stickers

Product stickers are very easy to drop in while washing fruits or any edibles. However, the plastic adhesive isn’t soluble in water and can clog your pipe. 

Rice particles

While rinsing rice, we always let a few grains slip down the drain. This results in pipe clogging because rice particles retain water and swell up over time, making it hard for water to flow.  


You might be surprised, but flour is one of the prime clogging agents. When flour comes in contact with water, it transforms into a glue-like consistency which can build blockages in the drain. 

Paper Towels and Flush-friendly wipes

To restore eco-friendly measures in your abode, try replacing paper with cotton towels. Cotton is a reusable material and will offer sustainability for a long time. 

On the other hand, flush-friendly wipes come with a congealed lubricant that will not crumble like paper and, if disposed of in ducts, can clog the entire drainage system. 


If your plumbing maintenance is due for a long time, make an appointment and clear your home’s drainage system with any reputed plumbing agency like Pearla plumbing.  

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