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Things You Should Know Before Renting A Car In Dubai

As we observe that people avoid renting cars in Dubai from the car hire Dubai as they find a huge amount of risk in renting the car. Usually, the risks include getting cheated, accidents, and sometimes there is a fear that the driver has the license of driving or not and also the car which the company is providing is legal or not.

These fears trigger a person because he or she is unaware of the things the person should know before renting the car. Despite many advantages of renting cars, people fear to rent them due to a lack of knowledge. Hence we will focus on the things you should know before renting the car.

  • Check the Reviews of the company

The first thing before renting a car from the car hire Dubai, you should visit the website of the company. Check the reviews given by the customers about the services and the costing. This might create a basic idea in your mind about the company. So that you can be prepared for the future. If the customer reviews of the company are good then you can blindly trust the company and rent a car if needed.

  • Initially click the pictures of the car

As the company provides your car then you should initially click the picture of the car and confirm the pictures with the company which provides your car. You are confirming the condition of the car initially provided to you by clicking pictures. So, if some part of the car is damaged initially then the car renting company should not blame you and won’t charge you an extra-fine for the damage.

  • Always provide the security deposit through credit card

Due to the fear of any damage to the car rental company from the car hire Dubai asks their customers for the deposit money initially before hiring the car for rent.

The car rental company always ensures that they will return the deposit if any damage isn’t caused to the car. Always remember that you should provide the deposit money to the car rental company through a credit card.

So, you don’t need to physically go back to the company to ask for the return of your deposit. Before one month automatically your deposit money will be transferred to your account and you are not charged any extra charges as the company is directly dealing with banks.

  • Ensure the age of the driver and also ensure that he has the license or not 

Always ensure that the driver who is provided to you for your journey has the perfect age to drive a car. Also ensure that he or she is a licensed driver or not. As if the driver who is provided to you does not have the driving license then you may get into huge trouble. As the traffic police may ask for the license to the driver. If he or she doesn’t have it then you might be charged by the traffic police.

  • Select a car for specific duration in Dubai

You should be aware of your destination and also the time is taken by you to reach the destination. As the car hire Dubai charges extra if you exceed the time limit provided to you.

And if you return the car before the time limit provided to you the car hire Dubai will not refund you the money. Or won’t charge you less money than the original.

Hence be aware of the time taken for your journey. If you want to travel a short distance. Then you should opt for short-term rent. If you want to travel a long distance journey then you should opt for long-term rent.

  • Driving limits

Each car rental company has its limits in the form of driving in a particular area. Some of the car rental companies have limits so as not to drive outside a particular city or state. So just keep in mind, that before renting a vehicle just be acknowledged by the limits of the vehicle or the car rental company. To avoid the extra penalties and the disputes.

  • Do not provide any bonus to the driver

Keep in mind that the driver that is provided to you by the car hire Dubai already gets his share of money from the owner of the company. There is no need to provide him extra tips or bonus. In some cases they try to charge you extra money. But remember that the only payment should be done by you is to the company.

  • Choose a comfortable vehicle

Many people forget that we have got the authority to choose the vehicle of our choice according to our comfort. Hence some of the car rental companies provide the customers the most expensive cars to earn more profit. Hence remember that we have got the authority to choose the vehicle according to our budget and needs.

  • Go through the insurance policies of the company

The insurance policies may differ from one company to another. Always be acknowledged by the insurance policy of the company. So that if mistakenly something happens to the vehicle. Like if you are charged by the traffic police for violating the rules. Then the amount will be deducted from the insurance policy which you have taken.

  • Handle the documents carefully

Carefully handle the documents of the car renting process. As every document like deposit slip, payment bill, etc are important. If you fall into some kind of dispute with the car rental company then the Dubai Economic department i.e. DED will need these papers to solve your dispute. You have the proof of the services you got and the charges you paid in the form of documents. Hence, handle the documents carefully.


Conclusion – If you keep in mind these steps and things while renting a car then you can enjoy your journey without stress.


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