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This is the Complete Guidelines Along With Safety Hints For Driving In Miami

Miami city is famous for its simple routes when walking. It is one of the reasons people living here do not prefer to own a vehicle. For those who aren’t fond of walking to get from one location to the next, the city provides an accessible mode of transportation. Uber, Lyft, and taxi services are available throughout the city.

Miami however, will not permit driving with ease of mind. The city doesn’t have an official grid like the one in New York, and since the majority of people prefer walking around, there are plenty of pedestrians to be on the lookout for everywhere. But, if you know the guidelines of the road, you’ll be able to navigate Miami safely. If you’re a newbie to Miami or have no idea about the city, you should hire the most trustworthy Miami Limo service who are well-aware of all the streets of Miami.

Rules of the Road

Although most of the traffic rules in Miami are comparable to those in any major city in the United States, there are some rules about the use of cell phones and seatbelts, headlights, and toll lanes that you must be aware of before driving within the city.


If you’re 18 years of age or over you can talk on your phone while driving but you’ll need to be at your steering wheel at all times. People under 18 aren’t allowed to make use of their mobile phones while driving. Infractions to this rule can cost you $100 in fines and the possibility of a license suspension for 60 days. Furthermore, regardless of the level of age, you’re not allowed to read or write texts while driving or while you’re stopped in traffic. First-time offenders are penalized $100.

Age of Limo rental: 

The city allows you to lease cars as early as you reach the age of 21 however, up to the age of 25 you’ll have to be restricted and might have to pay more.

Belts for the seat: 

Drivers or passengers who are over 13 years of age must wear seatbelts. Children under 8 years of age must be in designated Limoseats.

Lights for Headlights

You need to have your light on for 30 minutes from sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.


You cannot legally be permitted to drive when your blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.8 percent that is, in other words, driving under the Influence (DUI). Open containers are not permitted inside the vehicle unless they’ve been sealed, in which case, they must be kept inside the trunk, or locked in the glove compartment.

Carpool/HOV lanes 

Miami is home to HOV lanes running both ways into and out of the city. They are available only for cars that have two or more passengers.

Timing and Traffic

Miami is prone to becoming congested and the use of GPS is not a guarantee of an accurate estimation of how long it takes to get there. If you’re planning to travel through Miami during peak hours be sure to depart early.

The busiest time on the roads: 

Usually, rush hour starts between 4 PM and 7 PM each day. On Fridays, traffic gets worse since the south and north lanes are blocked by 4 PM because people take a trip to the mountains, beaches, and lakes to enjoy the weekend. Additionally, traffic may be more crowded on I-93 south of Miami until you get to the junction to head to the other side of Route 3 towards Cape Cod or continue towards I-93 south.

Traffic during the season: 

Holidays and summer tend to be more congested than Fridays. In addition to Fridays Thursdays, Thursdays are also beginning to get congested as many people go towards Cape Cod and north to New Hampshire for long weekends.

Festivals, sports events, and concerts: 

Not unlike seasonal traffic when there are happenings within the town, this may cause heavy traffic in the vicinity of I-93 South.

Parking at Miami

It isn’t easy to find parking spaces in Miami specifically based on the area you’re visiting, or the date of the day, and the time of your trip. There are many places to park in Miami Knowing them will assist you in navigating the city with ease.

It can be difficult to find parking spaces in Miami in the Winters particularly when there’s been a massive snowstorm. Make sure you pay attention to the announcements for emergencies and remember that they are playing in the background. residents are permitted to place a sign-up sheet to secure their parking spot for 48 hours following the emergency is over. Be sure to keep your eyes on the street-cleaning signs, since your vehicle will be taken away if it’s located in the middle of the road which is being cleaned.

Garages for parking: 

The city has plenty of choices in terms of garages for parking, but they’re usually the most expensive option. Garages typically offer discounts to customers who are within and out of the garage at a particular time. Some parking areas like Prudential Center as well as Copley Place offer validation services if you make a purchase.

Reservation services: 

You could use applications like SpotHero to reserve your seat before the time you need it.


Many Hotels and top-of-the-line restaurant chains offer valets. They cost more as compared to parking the Limo on your own.

Metered parking some 

locations in Miami are metered parking and other permit-free parking for residents on the weekends who are not residents. Be on the lookout for signs and pay attention to the locations of the street.

Do You Need to Hire a Limo to Miami?

This question is contingent on what you intend to do when you visit the city. If you’re in Miami to see the city’s popular tourist destinations and are staying in a hotel, or an Airbnb most likely, you’re not going to require a rental vehicle.

The MBTA bus, train, and train service, Miami Taxi is an extremely economical and cost-effective option for tourists to travel from one location to the next. The various trains are link by some key stations, which allows for easier navigation around your MBTA map. The bus lines however due to having more stops and lines, can be somewhat complicate.

In the past couple of years, Miami is also constructing bicycle lanes throughout the city. This is in addition to programs such as Miami Blue Bikes.

Additionally, just like others cities Miami also has its fair amount of Uber and Lyft drivers who are waiting to take locals and tourists.

What is the best time to take a rental vehicle? Miami is a great city in terms of places to visit. If you are only able to spend one or two hours and plan to explore outside of the city or you’re visiting family and friends from the countryside, then you must take advantage of a rental vehicle. There are a lot of Limo rental firms within the vicinity of the airport as well as throughout the city. You can hire Car service from Fort Lauderdale airport to Miami for Airport travel. 

If you’re only capable of spending just a couple of hours and want to go exploring out of the city, or you’re visiting family members and acquaintances from the countryside, it is recommend to you make use of a car rental.


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