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Three Important Drills for a Balanced Backstroke

Drills aimed at working the backstroke help develop a stronger flutter kick, a better streamline body positioning, and shoulder strength. Even if the backstroke isn’t your stroke of choice, incorporating backstroke drills into your current routine can help you become a better, well-rounded swimmer. Plus, that extra time on your back will help you catch your breath between endurance and strength training sets.

Three Drills for a Balanced Backstroke:

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Take a look at the list of drills below and see if you can mix and match them into your current training routine.

1. Kick Only

This is a great drill for beginner backstroke swimmers. In the shallow end of the pool, push off of the ground and lean back into a horizontal body position. Begin the flutter kick with your arms flat against your sides. Propel forward using only the kick and without your arms to balance. Beginners will benefit from this drill because it will help them see how keeping a proper body positioning will help them with the backstroke. Focus on keeping your hips and feet level by pushing your upper body down into the water. Here you see the best automatic pool cleaners 2020 reviews and product comparison.

Water can get in the eyes, even when swimming on your back. To ensure that your vision stays clear throughout your entire swim session, be sure to don a good pair of well-fitted goggles that won’t budge during backstroke starts and turns. Try the Barracuda HydroBat Goggle, whose unique frame shape creates a solid seal without applying too much pressure to the face.

2. One Arm Backstroke

This drill helps swimmers work on body positioning, rotating shoulders, and overall body roll. To start this drill, push off from the wall like you normally would with the backstroke. Instead of utilizing both arms to pull you forward, leave your right hand at your side and only use your left to swim a 25. By only using one arm, you’re better able to focus on rolling to that one side (the left, in this instance) and then rolling back to the other for recovery. Switch between the two arms to balance working on both sides. If you feel that you need a little extra help swimming with only one arm, try using a swim glove to give your hand more surface area to pull. The Aqua Sphere Swim Gloves are great for upper body drills and work easily with the backstroke, as well as any other of the 4 major strokes.

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3. 7 Count Drill

Because the backstroke is all about smooth movements from the shoulders down, the 7 Count  Drill will help further emphasize the movement of the shoulder and body roll. This drill is best done with fins. The Speedo Biofuse Training Fins come highly recommended. Their short blade design helps swimmers work on their stroke technique, leg strength, and speed. With one arm extended out in front of the body, and the other at your side, push off from the wall and lean back into the backstroke position. Kick for 7 counts and then pull your lead arm down and around to your side as your other arm comes up to switch positions.

Kick again for another 7 counts, and then switch again. When performing this drill, really feel the roll of your shoulders and upper body, which helps you better slice through the water when swimming the backstroke.

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