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Three Things You Should Know About Federal Assistance Programs

Three Things You Should Know About Federal Assistance Programs

If you struggle financially, you may be entitled to help from federal assistance programs. The government can offer help to certain citizens who are in need. Whether they’re out of work, struggling with a disability, or otherwise unable to make enough money to support themselves, there are options.

We’re here to talk about a few different types of federal assistance and benefit programs that can help Americans get back on their feet. Read on to learn more.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Everyone in the United States who works also pays into social security. That social security money is put away and used for people who need it.

To qualify for social security benefits, you need to either be a qualified retiree or you need to have a qualifying disability. The disability has to render you unable to work for at least one year, or it has to be terminal.

If you have a disability, these federal benefits can help you with rehab and help you get back to work. It can, however, cost you your Medicaid coverage (if applicable) or SSI.

If you’re unsure how to go about applying for social security disability benefits, go here:

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

This might sound unfamiliar to you, but it’s likely that you know it by its more common name: welfare. Welfare helps families who are going through short-term difficulty by giving them financial aid for their housing, food, job training, and even childcare. Specific programs will vary depending on where the person lives.

Many people think that welfare is for “lazy” people, but this isn’t true. Plenty of people who receive assistance from the government have full or part-time jobs that can’t cover all of their needs. Rather than losing custody of their children, they turn to the government to help.

Welfare isn’t supposed to be permanent. It encourages parents to get back on their feet and reach financial security while still being able to feed and care for their children.

Student Financial Aid

Student financial aid, often referred to as FASFA, is the access point for all types of scholarships and grants that people can use to help them pay for college.

This aid is based on financial need, aptitude, and several other factors depending on the specific grant or scholarship that the person is applying for.

While they’re not ideal, government student loans also come through student financial aid. While these loans will help students pay for their college educations, they can also be challenging to pay off.

13 million students use financial aid. It’s a great option for anyone who isn’t sure that they have the resources to go to college on their own.

Do You Need Federal Assistance Programs?

There’s no shame in receiving federal assistance when you’re in need. Applying for federal aid can be confusing and time-consuming, but it can also change your life.

If you think that you might qualify for federal assistance programs, talk to a professional about applying for federal aid today.

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