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Three Ways to Get Started with a Business Selling eBooks For Profit

The digital market is the most comprehensive market where you find many people with different interest levels and goals. Some are trying to promote their eCommerce with effective marketing techniques. Some look for the best-written ebook to increase their knowledge. Other use bestselling ebooks for branding and business promotion. Whatever your purpose is, ebooks are the best tool to earn profit and business growth as it has connected with your targeted audience’s interest. It is also the curiosity building tool that encourages a consumer to make a purchase. It is even best for website ranking as it increases the dwell time of visitors. With whatever purpose you use ebook, you will always need professional assistance like the best ebook ghostwriters in the USA are still ready to serve you for selling your ebook with good score.

Ebooks are not only available in written content, but you can buy them in best quality audiobooks. In this way, you can entertain your disable ebook readers. Well-written ebooks will help your ebook readers to get in-depth training, education, and guidance. Take from professional ghostwriters like ghostwriters in the USA. It will work like icing the sugar on the cake.

It is a usual practice of ghostwriters to write content and deliver it in blog posts, courses, podcasts, and create passive income into the process. Your targeted audience will also consider you as the best thought leader. You will have the highest rate of business lead when your ebook publishing strategies become successful. That’s why creating, marketing, publishing, and making your ebook are not simple tasks to do. You will need proper knowledge and professional assistance as the best ghostwriters in the USA.

The average purchasing rate of ebooks can be 22% and the large maybe around 42%. There are lots of ebook categories available in the market. Each one has different buying rate such as 27% for hardcover, 22% for ebooks, 45% for paperback, 2% for audio, and 4% others.

Different fields have a different ebook preference rate, such as eCommerce prefer ebook with 42% rate, Bookstore chains with 15%, Mass Merchandisers with 6%, Book Clubs with 5%, Non-traditional, and warehouse clubs with 3%.

According to the well-known ghostwriters in the USA, most of the ebook owners live in the tension of ebook creation or publishing cost. Many of them want to confirm the self-publishing costs of Amazon. The reason behind this stress is their aim of earning passive income and the best ebook publishing goals. If you don’t have an idea about it, please read this blog thoroughly. It will remove all your doubts and give you answers. Before this, you need to know the ebook self-publishing cost on Amazon and ebook reading stats.

What does Amazon’s ebook self-publishing cost?

There are two ways of self-publishing your digital products on Amazon: Audiobook marketplace Audible and the Kindle Direct Publishing. You will not need to pay a single penny for both. Remember, you have to create your ebook clickable, and highly engaging for its maximum sales. For this, you need professional assistance, and you can prefer any best ghostwriter in the USA.

Ebook reading stats

In 2017, average ebook readers spent 16.8 minutes daily on the ebook of their interest in the USA. This rate decreased in 2018 by 11 minutes. Amazon Kindle is the most popular platform. Most ebook readers use it as the best e-reading device in the United States. Amazon sells more than 50% ebooks in the USA, and total ebook sales are around 83%.

Ebook business has a significant influence on the competitive market and can sell millions of ebooks. For instance, ebook companies earn maximum profit by selling more than 675 million books in the United States. According to professional ghostwriters in the USA, there are multiple ebook categories such as print books. These audiobooks made business in billions every year if ghostwriters have created it with the best techniques.

Now, its time to discuss the top three ways to sell ebooks for maximum profit.

Top three ways to sell ebooks

Research for topic selection

Writing an ebook isn’t an easy task for writers as they have to provide their ebook’s best experience. You have to write your ebook with significant research so that you can easily purchase it on Kindle and sell through it with the highest rate.

The most challenging task for ghostwriters is to choose the best and clickable title for their ebook. It is the element that creates the first impression of your ebook. If you also wish to sell your ebook at different platforms, conduct proper research for selecting an engaging title for your ebook. Start your work with a suitable niche and go through other titles of bestselling ebooks. Check which ebook has the maximum downloads rate and help their owners increase its income with timeless effect. You can also hire the best ghostwriters in the USA if you want the best results for the maximum profit.

Find top searching ebook keywords in the Amazon

Finding the most relevant keywords for your ebook’s highest sale is the most challenging task. You have to check the topmost one through a step-by-step procedure. Check the highest searched ranking keyword then, the intermediate step, and select a unique one. For this, you hire well-experienced ghostwriters in the USA, or you can use the most authentic tools such as Moz Explorer, Ahrefs, Google Keywords, and others. In this way, you will have a good list of relevant keywords and phrases. Whatever keyword you find, make sure it produces the highest search traffic on the website.

Well-experienced graphic designer’s recruitment for the best ebook cover

The ebook cover is one of the core element of creating the first impression of your ebook. I am damn sure that you don’t want to lose top downloads, highest ranking, and satisfied clients. Yes, ebook cover select can make or break your ebook sales efforts. Make sure choose the ebook cover that reflects its theme and related content. Your ebook cover’s color must be according to your ebook business professionalism. If you want to achieve your ebook with the highest score, you have to hire the best graphic designer. In this matter, you can also get the assistance of the professional ebook ghostwriters in the USA.


Online Book Writers, a USA-based ebook writing service providing company that assists businesses and individuals in the country for more than 15 years. The company offers its services to both independent writers and companies. The book writers that Online Book Writers has on-board are experts in writing different types of books, including fiction, non-fiction, checklists and worksheets, promotional content, informative guides, and self-help guides.

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