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Tips and books to broaden your vocabulary

You’ll have the confidence to utilize the terms properly if you have a large vocabulary. It allows you to express yourself more clearly and succinctly.

Most English vocabulary learners consider learning English as one of the most difficult aspects of learning the language.

The best to overcome this fear is by reading books that will increase your vocabulary.

What do the Stats Say?

Vocabulary starts to be increasingly linked to quality between the ages of 36 and 48 months. It is critical to give narratives to a kid at this age. Caregivers may talk about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future, and offer explanations. Start to use simple and complex language. Give examples to comprehend new words via descriptions of ones they already know. It’s crucial to think to form the learner’s growth. Hence, modeling words and phrases will aid in broadening your grammer.

Why is it important to have a large English vocabulary?

One of the most essential aspects of learning a new language helps to expand your vocabulary. In some respects, understanding the proper grammatical rules and word order plays a big role. It is more essential than having a big vocabulary.

Your large vocabulary makes you comprehensible. In such a scenario, going through vocabulary-building books helps to communicate quickly.

Reading books may help you improve your English

The significance of vocabulary development cannot be overstated. The ultimate aim turns out to be understanding and usage of new words. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing improve when you have a large vocabulary.

Immerse in a science fiction tale of a romantic work of art. These are wording-improving books. It broadens your exposure to various genres and language patterns.

For the following reasons, a leaner’s vocabulary is crucial to his or her success: 

  • Vocabulary development links to academic success.
  • In kindergarten, a learner’s language proficiency reflects his or her ability to learn to read.
  • Children’s vocabulary aids their ability to think and learn about the world.
  • Expanding a child’s vocabulary gives them unrestricted access to new information.

Best Book for improving vocabulary:

  1. Novels that help you expand your vocabulary 

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick 

It is another book rich in English vocabulary terms, with over 17,000 distinct words utilized thickly. Almost every sentence in Herman Melville’s book has a unique term. Many new words are foreign to our everyday language and must be comprehended in context. It is, like Ulysses, regarded as one of the most difficult books of all time. Many experts recommend it as a vocabulary builder.

Plays by William Shakespeare 

If you only read one play by Shakespeare, make it Hamlet. Many contemporary literary allusions are based on Shakespeare’s works, and the English language itself owes much to the Bard.

Did you know he coined a number of new words that are now commonplace?

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

One of the finest books of all time is Jonathan Swift’s caustic satire masterpiece against aristocratic society and the Catholic church. Learn about the Lilliputians and Yahoos, as well as the definitions of terms like lingua franca, declivity, etc.

James Patterson’s “First to Die”

1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club (1)) – the first book in the Women’s Murder Club series.

The subject of this book is: Four ladies get together to track down a serial murderer who is killing people in heinous ways. This is the first of a series; if you like it, you can read more about this group of ladies.

Patterson’s language is pretty simple to comprehend, and there are a lot of excellent action phrases to learn in this book.

The Count of Monte Cristo 

The traditional, eternal themes of treachery, hope, and revenge. This books is also considered as a reader favorites for dark academia books. Also,  the repercussions of such acts, are explored in Alexandre Dumas’ renowned adventure book. It’s also a fantastic book for expanding your vocabulary, with terms like passionate, prolific, cosmopolite, and hysterics thrown about. Despite this,  not a difficult book to read, making it an excellent location to begin expanding one’s vocabulary.

  1. Improve your vocabulary books

504 Absolutely useful Words

504 Absolutely Essential Words by Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb, and Arthur Traiger help to learn the most essential words to speak English effectively fast. There are 42 courses in the book, each with 12 new vocabulary terms. It includes word definitions, example paragraphs, and a range of tasks for the reader to complete.

Easy-to-understand word power 

Norman Lewis’ Word Power Made Easy, first released in 1949, was updated in 2014 since it is presently one of the most popular books to increase wording on the market.

The book evaluates your existing vocabulary and then suggests topics where you could improve. It also covers etymology. It educates the learner on how to discern the meaning of new words from the root of terms. Each chapter concludes with a quiz to assess your understanding.

Webster’s New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder is an extraordinary method to further develop your jargon abilities.

Merriam-Webster, Inc. is America’s oldest dictionary publisher. Webster’s New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder teaches you approximately 200 Greek and Latin root words. They are used to create the most popular English terms today.

You will be able to grasp the meaning of new terms if you understand the root words. The book is divided into sections, each of which focuses on a different root. After every two levels, there are evaluation periodic exams that cover the previous seven to eight roots.

30 Days to a Stronger Vocabulary by  Josh Jagran

Norman Lewis has created a masterpiece with this book. The book will assist you in brushing up on your vocabulary. Also, it helps to learn new terms and remember them for usage in everyday discussions. The book promises that it will improve your vocabulary in 30 days. It’s lightweight and it’s easy to carry even while traveling.

After you’ve finished reading a book, here are some fun activities to expand your vocabulary.

Learning English is meant to be enjoyable and interesting through memorizing flashcards at your desk. There are a variety of fun methods to increase your vocabulary that doesn’t require flashcards or drills. Assignment help company’s professional writers subscribe to the below ideas:

  1. Getting inspired is one of the most effective strategies to make learning vocabulary fun.
  2. Meet up your known group and actively participate in the discussion group. 3. Maybe you’re planning a major vacation and need to brush up on a few key English terms and phrases. You’ll be far more likely to put down your flashcards and grab one of those tourist books.

How do learn to use new words in daily life? 

  1. Understand the meaning of the terms you’re learning. Keep track of how they’re getting in sentences.
  2. As much as possible, use fresh terms. Mention them in your discussions and write about them.
  3. Begin with the basics. Learn the phrases you use most often in your daily activities. Things that involve time, food, and a routine are beneficial.
  4. Learn in a group setting. Food types mean of transportation, and hospital terminology are all excellent groups. Learning words at random, such as “cheese” and then “submarine,” will only confuse you.

Avoid pairings that are opposed. Contrary to popular belief, mixing opposites in your groups will only confuse you. Use synonyms wherever possible.


Get to know what are the practical methods and vocabulary building books to expand your vocabulary and speak fluently.

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