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Tips and Tricks to Make LED Cloud on the Ceiling

The cloud lamp is a bright and adaptable piece of lighting that may be huge or little, color changing or white, hung from the ceiling, or used freestanding. The cloud is simple to put together and lightweight because it is mostly made from paper lanterns and cotton batting. Because the lights are compact and run-off batteries, the cloud may be hung from the ceiling or used independently.

Advice on the Acquiring of Materials:

You will need the following materials to create the cloud body: 

  • One big oblong paper lantern 
  • Two mini oblong paper lanterns
  • Cotton batting
  • Hot glue gun & glue


Putting Together the Cloud Body:

Put together the paper lanterns following the instructions. Tear out a few little pieces of cotton batting from the bag, and then hot glue them onto the lantern’s body. Hold each item in position for five to ten seconds after applying glue to guarantee that it will adhere properly. Continue to wrap the lantern’s body with cotton, leaving each end free so that you may subsequently insert lights. Continue in this fashion with each paper lantern.

Putting Together the Cloud:

Once you have finished covering all three lanterns, set them aside overnight so they can dry. After that, use the white thread to connect each lantern (for our paper lantern, we tied the string to the wire frame inside). You may make whatever kind of led cloud ceiling form you desire by tying the parts together in various ways!

Strengthening the Bonds:

To ensure that the connections connecting the different pieces are secure, apply hot glue to each string knot. After allowing the glue to cure completely, manipulate the piece so that it takes the form you want. You may always cut the threads and re-assemble the pieces when in doubt.

Methods for Illuminating the Sky:

We used LED fairy lights with a color-shifting effect to illuminate the led cloud ceiling. They functioned on AA batteries and had a switch that allowed them to be switched on and off. After doing this, glue the battery box to the cloud’s interior, place one strand of lights in each of the cloud’s three parts, and turn the lights on!


Putting Together a Structure:

Constructing a structure out of PVC tubing will allow you to make your cloud portable and freestanding. You are going to need to:

  • Seven different lengths of PVC pipe, including two of the same length for the sides (about 4 feet), four of the same length for the base (approximately 1 foot), and one for the top bar (approximately 3.5 feet).
  • Two joints, two golf tees
  • We utilized a one-inch pipe and sprayed it with silver paint. Create the frame by putting the parts together in the order given.

Taking Stock of the Situation:

By tying knots with white thread through the metal frame of each lantern, attach the cloud to the PVC frame. The led cloud ceiling should be attached to the PVC frame. For each lantern, we utilized a single strand of thread; however, the weight of your item may need more strands. Utilizing hot glue to fix knots is optional.


Bright cloud light that can be hung from the ceiling or used freestanding comes in several sizes, can change colors or be white, and has many other useful features! Because it is largely made out of paper lanterns and cotton batting, the led cloud ceiling may be assembled in a short amount of time and with little effort. The cloud may either be freestanding or hung from the ceiling because the lights are tiny and powered by batteries.


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