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Tips for Driving On Mountain Roads

Before embarking on a trip to the mountains in a used car for sale in Jamaica, it is a good idea to study the mountain roads’ characteristics. Unlike a journey that you could take on the motorway, mountain roads are not straight and well-constructed.

Instead, they are full of hairpin bends, very tight turns, and often rough sections, sometimes all poorly marked.

Downhill and Uphill

The first useful tip is always to keep an eye and an ear on the car and its condition. It would be best if you try to strain its pace as little as possible and make sure that both downhill and uphill, it manages to maintain the right distance, especially with a low gear that will allow you to cover even the most inaccessible climbs; this will also help your engine avoid suddenly stopping.

Always try to go downhill with a low gear, do not try it in “neutral” mode, that is, without a gear engaged, especially if there is the possibility of meeting other cars and if the weather conditions are not entirely favorable and radiant. For example, in winter, when the risk of debris is the order of the day, or during very rainy days.

Clean Products

In the mountains, you will most likely need a scraper to remove the debris that could form on the glass. Remember not to throw hot water on cold glass: they could break into a thousand pieces! Please proceed with caution, which instantly removes the debris from the windshield, windows, and locks, unlocking them. Furthermore, if sprayed on the glass, it prevents the formation of debris.

A car sales in Jamaica trip to the mountains can be beautiful and relaxing—breathtaking views at strategic points and crisp air that restores the mind and body. But if you are used to being behind the wheel only in the city, get ready for a different driving experience. And to prepare the car in the best way to face the journey in complete safety.

In Extreme Conditions

First of all, think locally about the few but fundamental rules that you must respect when driving your car in the mountains. Always pay attention to the right, especially if you have to face hairpin bends. Never reverse on steep slopes.

Tackle the most challenging climbs using the “first plus reverse” technique to avoid slipping dangerously backward. Never ride downhill in neutral; on mountain roads, it is perilous. The descents are faced in second or third.

A critical rule is, in the mountains, always respect the safety distance.

The Right Liquids

Before taking your car to the mountains, take a look at the car liquids. Above all, make sure they are the right ones, i.e., they should be suitable for very low temperatures. There are three fluids to keep an eye on the engine, fuel, and wipers.

Above all, it is preferable to have a specialized workshop deal for the Jamaica car sale with antifreeze for the engine. Antifreeze for fuel is used for diesel: you can add it a few kilometers before reaching your destination if you are heading to a freezing location or wait and refuel on the spot.

On the other hand, there are winter window cleaning fluids on the market for glasses to be diluted in water, depending on the temperatures you will encounter. For example, the -30 ° Winter Window Cleaner is super-concentrated and immediately restores total visibility without leaving streaks.

Kit and Technology

In the car in the mountains, it is always advisable to keep reflective jackets, one for each vehicle’s occupant. The triangle indicates one’s position in stopping in unsafe points of the road; an emergency canister to repair tires. Also, don’t forget the valuable help that technology can give: updated maps, apps that report the most dangerous points on the road, and apps that update you in real-time on the weather conditions.

Finally, the last tip is to pay attention to the parking lot you choose. It will be better to opt for a flat place rather than an incline or a descent, but if you should choose for the latter two, make sure you have engaged the first gear or the reverse gear and that you have turned the steering wheel in cases of a large inclination, once after. You have engaged the handbrake.

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