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Tips for Making Hilarious Memes

It’s no secret that memes are taking the online scene by a storm. In the past decade, memes have continuously united the online world with funny bones through numerous avenues such as social commentary platform, photo editing skills and many more.

Due to its popularity and global reach, different brands and companies are continuously embracing the power of memes. It’s no surprise that they are continuously joining the train either by repurposing already created memes or taking the leap and creating their own memes from scratch. Either way, these memes have proven to produce unappalled results over time.

To demystify its powerful impact, the word meme was added to the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2018, with a definition that encapsulates that different forms of memes as we already know. These forms include videos, gifs, words or any other form of presentation that can capture the attention of the intended target.

Even so, memes like any other marketing tool should be made to be hilarious. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to put in more work to ensure that a meme not only captures the attention of your intended market, but passes the message in a funny, yet witty way as well. Read along to find out how you can successfully create hilarious memes for your campaign.

Understanding Memes

Before delving into the dynamics of creating a meme, it’s of utmost importance to first understand what memes are.

Types of memes

There are different types of memes. However, while there are numerous subcategories, there are only a few main overreaching categories.

Traditional meme: These involve a screenshot from a movie or a stock image from virtually anywhere. These photos always have a word or number of words that directly relate to the image that they are added.

Dark memes: You may wonder what these memes entail. Well, you most probably have come across memes that are either out-of-context in terms of humor or are basically absurd. You can easily recognize such memes since they are often used regularly in a bid to bring back a dying or a dead meme.

Understanding meme humor

Humor comes in many different forms. Even so, it’s better to understand how you can use memes to be humorous. Many memes today create humor by taking into account the way current events. However, they can be socially insensitive or inappropriate. Additionally, a meme can create humor in an absurd manner or potentially nonsensical, with the aim of making the ridiculous nature of the meme more entertaining.

It’s therefore important to carry out in-depth research of the most popular memes at any given time. This will help you to understand what content to include to your meme in order to qualify as one. Do a thorough research of the memes that trend during the year or even a particular month.

You can as well refer to other memes, books, videos or any other viral material to give you a better perspective on how to create your meme.

Burstin backgrounds

Contrary to common belief, memes don’t require any rocket science techniques to create. Perhaps the most common is the bursting background technique. Basically, this technique involves the use of an image superimposed from a bursty background. This can be witnessed in some of the most popular memes such as the Success kid meme, Awkward Penguin and many more.

Creating such a meme has been made easy ridiculously easy applications such as PicMonkey and many more. Actually, these websites work in the same way as many other online self-creating websites where you can create your own campaigns. Take for example making bobbleheads for marketing your campaign. You can buy personalized bobbleheads for your campaign in an easy way. is a website that is dedicated to ensuring that you get the ideal and accurate bobbleheads for all your marketing needs. Whether you are simply looking for a bobblehead for your business or are fascinated by a customized bobblehead, you can always trust that this website will deliver all your needs. All this can be made and delivered to you in a few simple steps.


Being hilarious doesn’t have to be common. In some cases, fun moments ensue when you use your power of observation. This technique embraces two hidden common elements to bring about a hilarious aspect. In other words, this technique shares hilarious insight with the rest of the world by a side-by-side comparison of a meme.

In order to successfully make a comparison meme, you first of all have to create a two-celled collage. Once you find your images, go ahead to add them to your app editor. Once you have added your image, you can then top it off with a text. However, adding text or words is not a must. More often, images with strong enough resemblance simply get the message passed across without the aid of any words.

Take for example the famous hat by musical superstar Pharrell Williams’s headwear. It spurred an overwhelming surge on the internet with the creation of an endless stream of memes that depicted a comparison to Homer Simson, SpongeBob, and many others. This example clearly shows the use of the side-by-side technique to create a meme.

Photo Combo

The meme world is highly versatile. There aren’t any hard rules as to how a meme can look like or whether it should carry one form or another. Just as stated above, you can solely create an awesome meme with one incredible image without the need for any text.

The good old photo combo takes the forefront in creating impressive memes today. A good example is the Condescending Wonka meme which is basically an image captured from the screen of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie of 1971. Though the image was captured from back in the days, the meme has brought about a sense of humor on many different fronts.


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