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Tips for Planning a Vacation During COVID-19

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Traveling to a destination you dream about is an amazing experience that comes with uplifting your mood, healing you from the inside, and leaving you with incredible effects. But nowadays, the question on your mind may be whether you can travel safely during COVID-19. The good news is with Indus Travels, you can! Offering incredible experiences to over 80 picturesque destinations around the world, this international tour operator can help you travel as safely and securely as possible, with expert guidelines and socially distanced vacation packages. Yes, you can get the finest travel packages to explore your dream destinations in a way that will make you feel comfortable and spontaneous. So, let’s go ahead and discover the top tips for planning a vacation during COVID-19!

Tips For Planning a Vacation During COVID-19

Research Your Travel Destination:

One of the top tips for planning a vacation during COVID-19 involves doing your research on your travel destination(s) before you go. To avoid any disruptions and enjoy yourself to a great extent, a few things that you must be aware of include the entry requirements for the destination you want to travel to, including whether or not the vaccination is mandatory if you have to self-isolate, and whether PCR tests need to be conducted before or after arrival.

To answer all of your questions, here you have a quick and easy free tool to find out all the information you need to know for your favorite destination, that is just one click away. All you have to do is type in your arrival and departure destinations and when you are traveling, and the tool will give you automatic information for the local prices, currency, the latest entry rules during COVID-19, the culture, code of conduct, and more! Isn’t it fantastic? This is the easiest and most efficient way to know about the latest updates, with no hassle!

Choose the Right Time to Travel:

Another one of the top tips for planning a vacation during COVID-19 includes avoiding the bustling crowds to keep safe. It’s recommended to avoid the holiday seasons as these will be extremely busy times for airports, as everyone will be flying to visit their family or go to a foreign destination. And keep in mind that the time of day when you travel also has an impact. For instance, traveling in the early mornings can be healthy and a great way to skip the crowds. Moreover, late-night flights can be a good choice, to keep you safe, and perhaps save some extra money. If you can then travel during weekdays – or at least times that are around the clock!

Go for a COVID-Friendly Vacation Package:

Traveling while staying safe should be a priority for your ease of mind and overall well-being. Indus Travels is here to help make things very easy! They offer COVID-19 friendly, socially distanced vacation packages that include the following trip styles (among many other travel styles) – so you can pick your package depending on your travel needs, interests, and priorities:

  • Safari Tour:

Leave your familiar world behind to explore the African wilderness. Enjoy the untainted splendor of spending time in the world’s most beautiful national parks. Indus safari trips to Kenya, one of the best wildlife destinations in the world, are actually ultra-small group tours with limited capacity for up to 7 passengers at once, and are an excellent choice for those who want to experience the close connection of traveling in a small group, making lifelong bonds, while avoiding the big crowds of tourists! Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Elephants, Cape Buffalos, and many more fascinating species of animals in real life. This is a great choice for a social distancing vacation package as you will be surrounded by wild animals and natural landscapes rather than busy crowds of travelers and packed city sites.

  • Ultra-Small Group Tours:

Do you want to explore the world while adhering to social distancing protocols? Ultra-Small Group Tours are the perfect choice for travelers who want to stay safe and be spontaneous! Indus Travels offers these packages with health and safety regulations in mind, as the accommodations and transportation options they work with follow the health and safety guidelines suggested by the World Health Organization. You can anticipate high-quality experiences that are also safe for tourists. They are limited to a maximum of six people, allowing you to form close blonds with your travel companions and bond with your Local Tour Guide as you explore fascinating new sites all across the globe.

  • Self-Drive Tour Packages:

Self-drive vacations are created for travelers who crave freedom and independence, wanting to discover the beauty mother nature has to offer in a fascinating new destination on their own. You will have a suggested route and sites to see along the way, but the choice is ultimately yours to make. Not to mention it’s incredibly socially distanced as you will be traveling in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle, only stopping at sites you are truly interested in seeing, and of course the hotels you will be staying at (which will be preplanned for you for a hassle-free experience).

Make Sure You Are Packed and Prepared:

If entry to your destination requires vaccination and proof of having conducted a COVID-19 test, make sure you have all of your documents ready. Pack identification and your vaccine passport (if necessary), along with your passport and other travel documents of course, and carry hand sanitizers, form-fitting masks (preferably N95s as these offer the best protection among COVID-19 face masks), and everything else you might need to stay safe and prepared.

Watch for the Safety Guidelines Suggested By the WHO:

One of the top tips for planning a vacation during COVID-19 involves looking at health and safety standards carefully. By learning and implementing the safety guidelines devised by the WHO you can travel in a much more safe and secure manner as high hygiene standards will be held in place. Indus Travels offers tours with accommodations and transportations from partners who strictly follow the health and safety guidelines of the WHO, to help keep their staff and travelers safe.

Other Tips For Planning Your Vacation During COVID-19

  • If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, get a test done. If you test positive, avoid traveling and postpone your trip until you feel better. Indus Travels offers great deals for access to travel insurance that covers COVID-19, so you can do so easily without losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Wear your face mask in busy areas such as the airport or crowded transportation. Make sure you know the local rules and guidelines for wearing a mask in your foreign destination
  • Keep hand sanitizers with you. Wash your hands often after touching busy surfaces in the airport
  • Keep a distance from big crowds in busy places, so you can help keep yourself and others safe

We hope this article has given you lots of insight into traveling during the pandemic. For more tips for planning a vacation during COVID-19, or if you have any questions about their COVID-friendly vacation packages or great deals for emergency medical travel insurance that covers COVID-19, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable travel experts at Indus Travels. You can also ask them about their Safe Travels Assurance Policy for risk-free bookings. They will be happy to help you travel in a way that is as safe as possible and makes for exceptional experiences!

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