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Tips on Designing Kraft Product Boxes & Packaging

Tips on Designing Kraft Product Boxes & Packaging

Kraft boxes have modified the packaging world ever since their introduction a few years ago. Customers and sellers both preferred these boxes primarily for their recyclability. The material is derived from pine wood and plays an important role in supporting the products strongly over long journeys. The boxes make for beautiful packaging too and can take any form to aptly align with your brand and products.

Complying with government and pressure group’s guidelines on conserving the planet through more responsible business activity has culminated in higher demand for packaging that can adhere to this framework. The boxes made from Kraft cardstock are a good choice in this regard. The boxes are bio-degradable as well as can be customized for several branding purposes.

Moreover, the boxes cost less to be manufactured providing sellers enhanced profit margins and ample scope for growth through reinvestment in their ventures. Following are some tips to beautify and improve the structure of these boxes so they better serve your stated objectives.

Kraft boxes

  1. Adapt the boxes to your varying specifications

The Kraft stock is easily bendable, making it an efficient inclusion in your packaging lines. The crucial factor is to judge the appropriate dimensions of your packaging boxes. Kraft card stock will work well when the boxes are constructed to fit the products perfectly. Loose and bouncy packaging can mislead the customers and is damageable to the contents inside. You need your customers to feel satisfied with your products and so, must package them according to their true size.

Likewise, shorter boxes could get ruined before reaching the end consumers and this will not go down well with the buyers. Your boxes must be pleasant to look at otherwise the brand’s repute can bear the brunt of this. Ultimately, well-fitted packaging must be devised so that your brand’s identity can be projected constructively. This is particularly useful when you desire boxes for food, cosmetics, electronics, makeup, and jewelry packaging.

  1. Incorporate personal brand style

The boxes can conveniently be designed to mirror your brand image. This helps to associate the products to your business and imply a professional history to the products. Of the many brands in the store, your products can outshine them effectively with boxes that are made precisely for your products. Did you see brands depicting their identity on products so consumers are compelled to buy them? It would be more often than not.

The usage of packaging for branding has become the norm in all industries. How else would your customers recognize your brand from the sea of other commodities? The packaging is undoubtedly the most productive tool that establishes a unique brand personality. With custom styles, vibrant embellishments, laminations, and coatings, your products can look better and more distinct from rivals while carving a niche for your brand image.

  1. Ensure that the messages are rightly conveyed

Sellers mostly adopt Kraft boxes because there is an increasing need to fulfill customers’ demand for sustainable packaging. Even though buyers can see the box materials you need to make them more prominent by maintaining the basic structure. These boxes are usually available in brown color but you can make them green to comply with their environmentally-friendly nature. Also, white and light colors can reflect the material more noticeably. Avoiding dark colors can be a good idea when utilizing Kraft stock for your packaging.

Moreover, the boxes can be precisely printed with your promotional content. A plethora of brand, product, and instruction info can enable customers to pick your products from store shelves to take a closer look. Having your marketing material engraved on the boxes will help to convert your boxes into portable brand promotion platforms.

  1. Be wise in your spending

The Kraft stock is easily attainable and slides into your pockets with ease too. Hence, the optimum mix of appearance and quality must be combined to keep your bottom lines intact. There is no point in spending fortunes in crafting ideal packages and then finding it hard to cover the costs with revenues. Expert accountants can be consulted to generate the most effective cost mix. The resources at your disposal and available finances define the amount you should spend on availing of these boxes that could easily be recovered from the revenues generated because of them.

Kraft costs lower to obtain and hence the boxes that are churned out do not put too much pressure on the total costs. A marketing tool like this comes in handy to give multiplied results as compared to the minor investment made. The marketing drives can be made to align with the business’s objectives more powerfully by being projected off the boxes at store racks.

  1. Enable buyers to be brand loyal

The clients are the most valued asset of any company. Attracting, maintaining, and enhancing the number of potential clients is an important task in surviving in the consumer markets. Your buyers must be given a strong reason to opt for your brand for all their future purchases. They need to be given this reason through robust packaging that gives diverse benefits:

  1. Convenient to carry to desired destinations with the addition of handles on the top or sides. This makes the customers choose the products packaged in such containers especially if the items weigh heavily.
  2. Attaches a sense of fulfillment. Buyers want their purchases to give good returns and unboxing is one of them. Opening your products must be made easy and interesting for clients to remember it and buy your products again.
  3. Increased familiarity with the brand logo printed on the boxes helps to spread brand recognition and enables customers to pick it instinctively when they see your products.
  4. Recommend others to use your brand. A positive word goes a long way in converting other potential buyers into loyal customers.


Adopting Kraft boxes creates a win-win situation in terms of attracting the required customer group and making your brand a household name. You can follow the above tips to cut through rivals comfortably.

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