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Tips on how to make your content go viral

With white hat SEO

We all want more traffic on our website, but sometimes we just run out of ideas of how to achieve this goal! Surely, you can focus on link building strategies, but it costs money and consume time. What if there was a method that does not involve much money and that would get us some decent quality traffic? This method exists and it’s called: Viral Content Marketing (VCM).

Vital Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that primarily concentrates on spreading information and opinions about a product or service from one person to another by using different channels, like social shares, emails, recommendations.

So basically our main aim is to keep the readers entertained and happy (by writing some interesting stuff) so that they stay longer on our website, share its content and interact!

Here are a couple of rules to remember about if we want our copy to go viral:

1. Content that arouse emotions: Recent studies reveal that awe and anxiety encourage people to share more than sadness.

2. Build my EGO: It applies mainly to Social Media. I have noticed, that people like sharing stuff that in their opinion makes them look good, smart, cool and “build their ego“

3. People will admire it: Create something your visitors will admire, but remember not to exaggerate and not to brag.

4. Surprising or even shocking stuff: from time to time you can post something unexpected, but positive (without offending anyone).

5. Do not post anything controversial: Your readers may be divided into 2 or more groups with different preferences. Do not post anything that can offend any of them.

I believe the above approach by SEO consultants Blackpool and content marketing looks interesting, challenging and worth trying.

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