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It doesn’t matter if you are going to take the stage for the first time or if you are already an experienced dancer. Performing to a large audience is always synonymous with nervousness and this can hinder anyone’s performance. In order to alleviate the nervousness during the stage performance, we come up with tips on how to prepare for a dance performance. Check them out below:


1. Don’t Miss The Final Rehearsal

Every dancer knows that rehearsals are essential, but the last one performed before a performance is even more important. This is the last opportunity to see the show as a whole before showing it to the public. It is also in this essay that the last adjustments of all the choreographies are made, which makes it even more important.

It is also worth remembering that, many times, this is the only opportunity to train the dance using the costume of the presentation, as well as to perform it on the stage where it will take place. Missing the final rehearsal can really be a problem as you will also miss the choreographers’ last instructions and when it comes time to perform, you are not sure what to do. So this is one of the most important tips on how to prepare for a dance performance.

2. Make Sure You Have All The Information You Need

The venue of the show, scheduled day and time to start, forecast to enter the stage, and any other information you think is important. Check if it is the dance company or you will be responsible for transporting the costumes so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. So make sure you have all the important information related to your dance performance like venue, showtime, costumes, schedule day, etc.

how to prepare for a dance performance

3. Make Sure You Have Everything You Will Need

Is costume ok? The accessories too? Have you separated the shoes you will wear? And as for hairstyle and makeup, do you know what you’re going to do? Check everything to not forget anything, because even if it is something you will not use, any forgetfulness can disrupt you.

4. Before Leaving Home, Take A Last Look At The Bag

Try to separate everything you have to bring in advance, but be sure to take a last look at the bag before you leave the house. You may notice that you are leaving something behind. Confirm that everything is really in the bag so you don’t have to go back or stop on the way. Having reserve items never hurts. If possible make a list of all the important items you need and before you leave your house check that list. Make sure you have everything according to your requirement or the list you made.

5. Arrive Early

Leave home in advance to arrive at the venue early and have the opportunity to get ready calmly, perform your dance stretching and warm-up routine, review the choreography with the other dancers, touch up hair and makeup and have the chance to concentrate well. This is the best way to prepare for a dance performance.

6. Hydrate Yourself

Sometimes, because of nervousness, you may forget to drink water and only realize that you are thirsty when you go on stage. So, take advantage of the time you are getting ready to also drink water and keep your body hydrated. And don’t forget to also go to the bathroom, so you don’t feel like it when you’re in awe.

7. Wait Your Turn In Silence

If you are not the first to go on stage, do not forget that mess and parallel conversations in the aisles can disturb the concentration of those who are already dancing. So, wait your turn to take the stage in silence, having the same respectful posture that you want others to have when you are there.

8. Have Fun

After so much work, it’s time to dance. But don’t forget to have fun too! Dancing is a pleasurable activity and you should enjoy the opportunity to perform for other people. Try to forget the tension a little and try your best. This will help to perform the choreography with more beauty and quality.

I hope you like these tips. I hope these tips really help you to perform better during your dance performance. So best of luck with your performance.

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Caroline Kjeldgaard

My name is Caroline, a ballroom dancer. I started dancing at a very young age and got extremely passionate about ballroom dancing. My passion for dancing made me launch my own dancing website in the form of Dance Incubation. DANCE Incubation is my lifework and my vehicle to help people go from absolute beginners to feeling comfortable with themselves while dancing.

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