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Tips on Rewriting your Thesis as a Journal Article

You are done with your thesis. You work hard for weeks over months and now that you have completed it with pride. Not only are you satisfied with the quality journal article that you put out in your name but you have received appraisals from your jury panel and the scholars of the field.

This would be the best opportunity to convert your thesis into a journal article. After all your mission to compose an exceptional thesis was to make a significant contribution to your field of study.

But just because your thesis was written accurately and perfectly does not mean that converting it into a journal article will be an easy job. You need to be careful in contracting the thesis into a journal article without missing out on any important details.

How can one do that? What are the steps that can easily convert a thesis into a journal article?

If you are a student who has just finished his thesis, the best time to convert it into a journal article would be as soon you are done with your thesis.

The reason for this immediate action is to keep the information fresh. If you take a good amount of time to get your journal article published then you would have to do more research. You would have to modify it more due to time changes.

To avoid all the unnecessary hassles for converting your thesis into a journal article, one must follow a systematic game plan to avoid mistakes and save time.

A Systematic Procedure to Convert Thesis into a Journal Article

The best of the best scholars can have a difficult time converting their thesis into a journal article. Since human errors can slow down the process. Then what should be the best way to go about it? Some experts suggest that the journal article should be a summarized version of the thesis. A thesis contains 60,000 to 80,000 words of pure research.
A journal article on the other hand is limited to 6000 words. To conserve the main points and adding them to journal articles can be a difficult task. Let us take at the way experts do it.

Select the right journal for your thesis

Picking the correct journal for your article is the most important step. The very step is the most essential one in your process. You need to look into different journals, keep a track of the articles published in them. The quality of work. The demographic of the journal. If you pick a famous journal with a lot of monthly readers, but it does not match your niche then you are failing at reaching the audience you want.
Getting your thesis selected in the journal you want is another problem that you have to face. Some journals have a very strong screening process. They do not cover similar topics in one edition. Therefore you need to keep an eye on the monthly publications and note when you can submit your thesis. You might have gotten the best master thesis paper help to create your thesis but getting it published in your dream journal is a real struggle.


Abridge the overall thesis

Break down the main objective of your thesis topic. Summarize it chapter by chapter, you need to keep in mind that no matter how much you summarize your thesis, the main purpose of your thesis is not lost in the mix. Your journal article should contain the main points of What your research? Why you did it? And How you conducted your research?

Redesign introduction into abstract

Rewriting a thesis starts when you minimize the introduction successfully. Think of it this way. You need to convert your introduction into an abstract. You cannot take your abstract from the thesis. Instead,  use the rules of abstract you used for your thesis then make your journal article introduction. The introduction should be no more than 200 words.

Only one hypothesis question

A general thesis can contain more than one research question or hypothesis. These hypotheses are then addressed in detail. The journal article cannot have more than one research question or problem. You need to take only one relevant research question and answer it in your journal article. This research question should be the most relevant one. A research question that made you choose your thesis topic.

Shrink the literature review

A literature review usually contains 3000 words. It is a chapter that is responsible to provide background information about the thesis topic. It contains many authors’ words, the past papers take up 30 percent of the thesis. But when you rewrite your journal article, you need to reduce the literature review to have just a few paragraphs. This can be a challenging task but you can get online thesis writing services-The Research Guardian to do it for you. This way you do not have to stress about any missing data.

Journals usually have limitations for the number of literature reviews you add to your article. You are not supposed to exceed the restraint. If you do so, the journal will most likely reject your article.

Results should be exact

A thesis has to mention the research methodology and design you used to conduct your research. In fact, you are also asked to attach the questionnaire, surveys, audio, and videos to your thesis. If you want to write your journal article then you should understand that the results, research method, research design, and discussion should be minimized.
You cannot exceed your word limit. The research methodology you present in your journal article should be to the point. The results you got from the data collection should be very exact as well. No extended material should be added to your article results.

Data discussion-clear and concise

The data you collected for your thesis research should be discussed in its designated chapter. The data discussion is done in detail. because there are lots of students need to get their papers done from PhD thesis writing, However, This chapter is responsible to conclude the data you received and also make predictions for further research. In this chapter, the researcher is supposed to entail the limitations of the research topic so that another researcher can work on that research gap.

But when you minimize your thesis chapters for your journal article, you are supposed to take the predominant statement you have perceived in your result discussion and add it to your journal article. You do not have to show the process of concluding. You just have to summarize the process of the result discussion and make the concluding statement.

Limited references

The reference list you make at the end of a thesis is the most important list. This bibliography list saves you from plagiarism in your document, it protects your reputation. When you want to convert your thesis into a journal article, you have to automatically reduce the literature review and the references list. You need to limit it to the amount the journal wants.

The journal article contains 6000 words therefore a lot of references are not required. The main objective of your article should be to develop the interest of the reader to check your thesis.

An article in journal is just the summarization of your thesis, therefore you need to engage the reader with the information but not provide the entire result.

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