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Tips To Deal with Travel Anxiety In A Long-Haul Flight

Tips To Deal with Travel Anxiety In A Long-Haul Flight

If you’re not a regular traveler, you’re bound to experience crippling travel anxiety. Luckily for you, we’ll discuss some of the best ways of overcoming this form of fear. Nobody should allow this form of fear to prevent them from traveling.

How to Overcome Travel Anxiety

We must accept the truth that it’s normal to feel anxious when traveling, especially to a foreign place. However, if the fear is too intense to make you sleepless and uncomfortable, it’s about time you managed it. Here are tips to overcome this common form of anxiety.

  • Travel with a friend or lover: one way to overcome fear is to travel with a friend. More often than not, this form of fear stems from the ‘fear of known’. A traveler will feel calmer if they accompany a friend or a relative.
  • Get medication: some people, especially those with an anxiety disorder, may experience overwhelming travel anxiety. It won’t hurt to visit a psychiatrist for medical intervention. Anxiety disorders are treatable, especially if you seek treatment early enough.
  • Prepare for your journey: traveler should prepare accordingly for their journey. For instance, it won’t hurt to save enough money for your trip. Additionally, ensure that you carry all the necessary items.
  • Research: it always pays off to conduct research about your travel destination in advance. You’re bound to learn vital information to stay safe and healthy. For example, you need to research the hotel’s reputation to guarantee your safety.
  • Travel more regularly: most people may not be quick to believe this tip. However, the reality is that the more you travel, the less anxious you become gradually. That is not to suggest that you insist on traveling even when broke.
  • Choose your preferred travel option: if you’re traveling locally, you have multiple options at your disposal. For instance, you can travel by road, air or rail. Aerophobic travelers should consider alternative means of transport.
  • Take a travel anxiety test: psychiatrists recommend that you take a travel anxiety test. He or she will make an informed decision based on the results of your test. You might be surprised to realize that you have an anxiety disorder.

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Surefire ways to Ease Travel Anxiety

As stressed earlier, it’s normal to experience slight travel anxiety, especially before departure. Therefore, we should explore a few coping mechanisms. Here are ways of reducing your phobia.

  • Take a deep breath: you’ll be surprised to know that taking a deep breath can help to ease anxiety. Experts recommend that you try this technique a few minutes before your journey begins.
  • Wake up early: another helpful tip is to get ready for the flight early. You get enough time to pack everything you need for your journey.
  • Identify the advantages of your travel: the truth is that there are multiple benefits you’ll accrue from traveling. The more you reflect on this, the less anxious you become.
  • Talk to a friend or relative: most people opt to struggle with travel anxiety alone. Experts say that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from talking to a friend or a close relative.
  • Research: you’ll be relieved to know that this tactic can minimize your anxiety big time. You might have read misleading information online from different bloggers. For this reason, you should set aside some time to know more about your travel destination.
  • Travel with a pet: research shows that pets help to take away one’s stress or worry. For this reason, it’s advisable that you travel with your pet if you’re susceptible to journey anxiety.

What Triggers Travel Anxiety

Technically, there are multiple triggers of travel anxiety for most travelers. Here are some of these triggers that you need to know.

  • Aerophobia: if you’re scared of flying, you’re bound to experience crippling anxiety. The best thing to do is to seek counseling services or travel with a friend. More often than not, aerophobia stems from different causes, such as past trauma.
  • Low budget: in some cases, this anxiety may stem from a lack of enough money. To avoid this, it’s advisable that you financially prepare for your journey. It won’t hurt to visit a travel expert to get an accurate budget estimate.
  • Lack of information: a traveler is bound to feel anxious if they’re to visit a foreign place. For this reason, it’s advisable that you research online about your travel destination.
  • Anxiety disorders: studies show that anxiety-related medical conditions tend to trigger travel anxiety. That explains why travel experts encourage travelers to mind about their mental health. It’s prudent to seek medical services if you’re struggling with any mental health condition.
  • Past experience: if your previous journey did not turn out well, you’re likely to experience an anxiety attack. For instance, if you survived a plane crash, you may be anxious if you’re to fly to your vacation destination.
  • Misleading information: you’ll be surprised to know that this anxiety may stem from inaccurate blogs. For instance, some bloggers pen some blogs to drive their selfish agenda. Therefore, it advisable that you only consider specific sources of information such as television or radio.
  • Fear of the unknown: if you’ve been living at home for too long you might become anxious when you travel. The beauty of being at home is that you can almost predict what will happen. Travel anxiety is worse if you’re visiting a strange place.

Is Travel Anxiety Curable?

Technically, travel anxiety is not a medical disorder. However, it depends on the intensity of the anxiety and the triggers. If you experience overwhelming fear, it’s about time you visited a mental health expert.

The doctor might recommend treatment if they diagnose you with a mental condition. Here’s some good news anxiety disorders are highly treatable.

In conclusion, psychiatrists advise people to avoid letting fear take control of their lives. For instance, you shouldn’t opt out of traveling due to travel anxiety. If you have an anxiety disorder, it’s best that you seek urgent medical intervention.

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