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Tips To Find Out A Reliable Solar Installer

We take a lot from the environment and it is high time we start giving back to the environment. Industries have already moved to solar energy and now even the residentials are not left behind. As solar power is becoming more accessible energy, a lot of companies are coming forward claiming to be the best and the most reliable solar installer.

Before we differentiate good solar installers from bad, we need to know who are solar installers? Solar installers are the people who will help you throughout the process of solar installation starting from purchasing the solar panels and essential items and advising us on the best options.

Here are some tips to find the most reliable solar installer:

License and Insurance

This goes without saying, this is the first thing to look for while finding Solar installers on the gold coast. You need to go through with all business licences and insurance diligently and also ensure that they hold a C-10 licence and a general contractor’s licence.

You can also check their practical work and know if they are competent enough to handle the electrical factors of the business and they should also have general liability insurance.

Reputation in the market

A good solar installer will not shy away from showing their previous work as a way to attract clients as they have nothing to hide from anyone. They will not back off to show their reviews and ratings.

You can also do your research and search if there is any pattern for complaints from customers that can be a warning sign that something may not be right with the installer.

Competitive quotations

There is much fish in the sea and no one will back off from providing excellent deals when it comes to the pricing. But don’t fall into any traps just looking at the exciting prices.

You also need to verify that the installer has the permission to install in your city. The most straightforward approach to pricing is the cost per watt. You know exactly how much you will be paying.

Installers should be accredited

Any good solar installers should be accredited. They can either be registered with the Solar Trade Association (STA), Renewal Assurance Energy Limited (REAL), or Renewal Energy Consumer Code (RECC).

If they are MCS accredited then there will be minimal chances for disputes in payments and tariff schemes. Australian Solar Installations are MCS accredited.

Verify the aftercare

When you are finalising the solar installer, you need to ensure whether they are willing to provide servicing or not and if they are providing then you also need to ensure if they are charging anything extra for it.

When it comes to Australian Solar Installations, you need someone that can provide you with your requirement in your given budget. Installing solar panels can become a little hectic, Solar installers can help you with both domestic and commercial installation.


Finding the right solar installer can be a little overwhelming but with the right approach, you can choose the appropriate Solar installers on the Gold coast for you who would provide quality requirements in a given budget.

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